Monday, April 6, 2015

the morning after

Today is a hard day because today is the day after Easter. If you're not suffering from a sugar hangover, then I don't even want to talk to you. I had the worst stomach ache last night; which is totally deserving after a huge piece of strawberry pretzel salad and stealing a few pieces of Maddox's Easter candy. So, this morning was a slow one. We all rolled out of bed around eight thirty and played a rousing game of hide-n-seek. Maddox's idea of hiding is to either hide under a pillow or bury his face in the pillow. He's one hundred-percent certain that we are unable to see him if he can't see us. We'll keep up the pretend for as long as he lets us.

Also, someone gave that kid a Cadbury creme egg last night. First of all, ew. Second, he came up to me in the kitchen so proud of this very large piece of chocolate he had managed to unwrap (found approximately 900 pieces of the tinfoil wrapper on the ground after) with melted chocolate and the creme just covering his face and hands. Evan took it away from him but instead of just throwing the thing away like a normal parent, he put it in a plastic baggie for later. AND THEN we forgot it. Might have been on purpose. I don't even know where it got put (and by "know" I mean "care"); but, this morning, grandpa and grandma graciously dropped off the Cadbury egg in a bag + three leftover mini Cadbury eggs that the child managed to overlook. So. If you've seen that meme about how the grandparents give your children the biggest candy bar in the entire world and then send them home (and it's also bedtime), that is entirely, one hundred and ten-percent true.

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