Wednesday, February 18, 2015

02/12 [round 2]

Yes, you did see this picture on yesterday's post. That's okay. It was the only good one we got of the three of us. It was windy. So windy. And that teenager I'm holding on my hip? he only wanted to play with this stick he found in the alley and hit the building with it. My hair was doing its thing, which was mostly to get stuck in my lipstick and then drag my lipstick across my face. Evan spit-shined my cheeks several times, bless him.

But. You know. It was a good day, that one. We had rootbeer floats and got lost on a road for a while on purpose. And Evan said, "It's nice not having anything to do. Usually I'd be a little stressed out about all this wasting time. But it's nice." I agree, handsome husband. I agree.

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