Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was a good one this year. There's something sweet about having a low key love day. I mean, of course Evan did buy me flowers and wrote me a sweet love note and of course there was chocolate (those balloons were for Mad who absolutely LOVES balloons). But we didn't go out for fancy dinner (stayed in and had pizza) and our house was kind of a disaster and I think my bouquet of flowers might have been partially hidden behind some dirty dishes. Maddox had a very mini nap in the car and we stopped by our friends' house to see how their renovations are going. It was kind of like, this is our life now. Home projects and dirty dishes, a kid who misses his nap but is mostly in good spirits. Pizza because we are too fancy for steak and lobster and paying lots of money to be fed in public. Wine with strawberries and chocolate ice cream for dessert because I remembered at the last minute that I was going to make a chocolate cake or something. A portrait of our family done by the most talented lady and a letter to my husband telling him much I love him.

These are the things that make it special. And I'm thankful for a guy who told me I was beautiful in my jeans and tee. Who fixed my lipstick when I smeared it across my face and all over my teeth. These everyday things that didn't get sugar coated in heaps of heart-shaped candy and excessive flowers and dressing up and going out. Celebrating the everyday because I do, I do love him everyday but thanks for the reminder, Hallmark.

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