Thursday, February 19, 2015

I did a thing

I did a thing to my hair this week.

I guess that's not entirely true because the first thing I did to my hair was way back in December. I got it cut but it was more of a hack job that looked like a blind person sawed it off with a plastic knife. Oh boy, it was bad. I had originally asked for probably 4 inches to be cut off, to take my hair just below my shoulder. It's the look this year and I was like "YES. I will have that and I will be cool with my cool hair and when I get home I will bleach the tips and dye them turquoise."

But then the girl did not listen to one word I said or look at one picture I showed her or pay attention when I was explaining it to her because she actually cut my hair up to my chin. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. It was a student at a beauty school, so I get that she's learning but completely disregarding the request of your client? Okay. Cool. The haircut resulted in the mother of all meltdowns. Like, standing in my kitchen, shaking, screaming my head off and bawling my eyes out. Evan was holding my arms and kept saying, "It doesn't look bad! I like it! It's not that short!" And other lies and I was just like, "We haven't taken Christmas card pictures yet! It is SO short. I hate it. It makes my shoulders look wide. All the emotions. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Etc." And every time I looked in the mirror? Bawled. So. It was a rough few days while I tried to figure out how to make my hair not a triangle. I was unsuccessful in that regard.

So, I gave it a few months. It grew. It's still not to where I want it but it's almost there. I can wrap it around the curling wand again. Small victories my friends. Small victories.

But I have this thing where I get super bored with my hair and make snap decisions that have to happen immediately or I might melt. So, I saw an ombre and was like, "Yep. When my hair grows some more, gonna do that." But then I kept thinking about it. And talked to some people about it. And my roots were growing out. So. I just went ahead and made an appointment to dye it and re-cut it to even it out and take some weight off.

And so that's what happened. I dyed some hairs blonde. Which I've never really done besides baby highlights years and years and years ago. It's not as light as I wanted it, but it's as light as it can be without it breaking off if you even just think about it. Because, I've also done that and I mean, I don't exactly need to go any shorter.

I also have not had my hair my natural color in so many years. Actually, lie. When I had Maddox I had a faux-ombre because I didn't dye my hair for a super long time and my roots had grown out an inappropriate amount. Here's proof of that mess. (Uh, that link just made me want to weep over how long my hair was and how short it is now. WAAAAH. Hair is annoying. Let's all be bald.) (And I also want to weep over how small Maddox was. Six weeks? HOW THOUGH. He's like less than six weeks from being two. Time. We're fighting.)

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