Wednesday, January 14, 2015

j o y

I want to give thanks in the little things.

Like how Maddox now sits at the table like a big boy in his very own chair. He can climb up and everything and he prefers it over his highchair. He eats off of a plate and with a fork or a spoon and feeds himself appropriately and points to his plate and says, "Mo. Mo. Mo." when he has finished his serving and wants more.

My tea cup with the flowers that I found at goodwill.

A little voice saying, "Mama? Mama?" when I leave the room.

Random mid-day showers that I feel compelled to take and a little head that peeks around the shower curtain and says, "Boo!"

Quiet time during his naps that last for exactly one hour and thirty minutes.

The way that he wakes up every single morning at seven thirty on the dot.

The way that I do not wake up at seven thirty on the dot and the way that Evan lets me sleep in until at least eight on almost all mornings (but usually later because I am not a morning person).

My chalkboard.

Homemade guacamole with at least one whole lime.

The new laugh that Maddox developed and how it's more of a chuckle.

When it warmed up to over 30-degrees and Maddox let me wear him in the sling for our walk around the block. And even though it was very much still below forty degrees and even though there are feet upon feet of snow on the ground, I felt a little bit more like a human than I have in three days and that's something to give thanks about.

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  1. In Winnie The Pooh's words, ''sometimes the littlest things take up the most space in our hearts''