Thursday, January 15, 2015

whole30 week two

I sort of can't believe that I've already done two full weeks of Whole30. Week two absolutely flew by and I totally, totally sucked at making anything new and exciting this week. One, we were out of town with some college kids doing a little college retreat in the mountains and two, I have been sick since 2014 (dramatic much?) and have not even wanted to put on pants, let alone think about venturing to the grocery store to stock up. We've kept compliant the entire time, but we've definitely been taking the easy way out like a piece of fruit and hard boiled eggs for breakfast, salads for lunch and some kind of chicken with sweet potatoes for dinner.

I need to talk about that retreat for a quick minute because I was super nervous to go along since my role was going to be to cook all the food. I don't feel like I need to impose my dietary restrictions on everyone else; but, I'm also not in the mood to cook five different meals. So, Evan and I planned meals that we could eat and incorporated things like buns and dairy and muffins (Omg. There were Costco muffins. And I didn't eat a single bite. Bless.) and cookies. And it was fine. I mean, I wanted a muffin more than anything. We also went into town and stopped at the candy store and I always, always get some homemade chocolate carmel something or other and had to stand there, staring into the glass case filled with the most delicious treats you've ever had, while Evan bought $1.70 worth of candy for Maddox. It was pathetic and so sad. But not really because I am stronger than I ever thought I was. (hashtag fist punch emoji)

So, this week's meals consisted of larb gai (again because it's incredible), porkchops and lots of chicken. We made turkey burgers for the college students as well as lime cilantro chicken. We learned that most of them had never had a turkey burger before and I think this is totally crazy because my parents made turkey burgers all. the. time. when I was growing up. So, if you haven't had one before, do yourself a favor and try it. They're best with guacamole and salsa.

Grocery shopping is on my agenda for today and I found a few new recipes to try out so hopefully I come back next week with a more inspiring and exciting post.

Except. EXCEPT. I did try the whole30 "latte," which is actually delicious even though it sounds absolutely horrible. It's coffee (I use my espresso machine because then it's one cup and I'm not tempted to have more than one and I don't need an entire pot of coffee to myself anyway, latte or not) + coconut milk (from a can, not the carton. That I steam because lukewarm coffee is just from the devil.) + ghee (which is clarified butter. BUTTER, you guys. You put butter in coffee. There is no dairy in it, so it's okay to eat.) + cinnamon.

So, if you didn't get that, which you probably didn't, it's coffee + coconut milk + ghee + cinnamon. You just put it in a blender and blend it all together and you have a creamy, foamy latte. I was super skeptical at first but it really is delicious. I have to put the ghee in last and screw the lid on my bullet and then blend it all together because if I see the ghee melt and get all oily on the top of the coffee, I'm out.

Also, this week, on Monday, I noticed that my craving for sweets dramatically dropped. I'm a snacker and I felt like even my desire to snack decreased. It's a little hard to snack when you're so limited on what you can eat. I think the first week is definitely the hardest, as you're completely starting from scratch and rewiring your brain but as I'm heading into week three, I can definitely see the reward.

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