Thursday, January 8, 2015


We have a park across the street from our house with exactly one tiny hill that is not perfect for sledding but is perfect for us because we have a baby. And so we dusted off the sleds and took them out for what we expected to be a roaring good time because everyone loves sledding, even almost-two-year-olds, right?

Everyone loves sledding when it's not freezing cold outside and your hat won't stay on your dang head because it's just a smidge too big. We were outside for exactly seven minutes before we trudged back home to play indoors because this is Montana and this is winter.

I did manage to take some very adorable pictures of the boys sliding down the hill. The snow was too dry to even slide, really. Evan had to push with his hands to get the dang sled to move even an inch. But Maddox did love it for exactly one time and then he was completely and totally over it and made angry faces it us (mostly me) for making him do it one more time so I could just take a few more pictures. I'm that mom.

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