Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ten things

Ten things about Maddox that I want to remember forever.

1. The tippy toes. He just figured it out and I love watching him run around and then remember tippy toes and suddenly walk five or six or seven steps on his tippy toes.

2. How he already plays pretend--like, pretend eats and chews all day long. Or pretend talks on the phone. Anything that is even remotely similar to the shape of a phone he puts to his ear and chats. My absolute favorite is when he has a funny conversation and will laugh to his imaginary friend on the phone.

3. How he pats his tummy when he's hungry.

4. That he had a giant sliver in his foot and he sat patiently and watched me use a pair of tweezers and a needle to dig it out. He didn't cry or squirm or fight me one time.

5. The way he says please. "Teeze." Or sometimes, "Zeeze."

6. When I sit on the floor and play with him and he runs around and plays by himself and gets into everything and then suddenly stops, looks for me and then runs to me and gives the biggest hug, his little fingers digging into my neck,

7. That Evan taught him to give knucks (pound it, fist bump, whatever you want to call it) and how he doesn't really make a fist but more of a pinching fist (like pointer finger and thumb together) and then bumps those two fingers to your fist. And the best part is when you ask him for "knucks" in a crowd of people and he walks around giving knucks to everyone in the room.

8. When we sit in the rocking chair and read a book and he lays back and sits quietly while I read (moving only to turn the pages) and then he leans his head back, looks up at me and says, "Mama."

9. The times when he asks me for a kiss by climbing in my lap, putting his hands on my shoulders and sticking out his lips at me.

10. The laugh he gives when you tickle his armpits and behind his knees.

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