Friday, July 18, 2014

Naptime Craft time

I pinned this adorable a while back to my arts and crafts board on Pinterest because I love flowers and letters and pretty frames and thought it would be such a fun and unique piece of art. And so one quick trip to Hob Lob and a one lucky thrift store run later, I spent Maddox's afternoon nap doing arts and crafts.

Glue gun
Fake flowers
Wood letter
Wire or sturdy string

You want to pick out a few different flowers in a few different colors. I already had some pink roses on hand so I just grabbed some orange ranunculus and white daisies. The point is to not be able to see the letter base at all, so grab more than you think you'll need. It's a good idea to grab some small filler flowers (like the daisies) to stick in any gaps.

Pluck all the flowers off their stems. Usually they will just pull off fairly easily but wire cutters will also do the trick. I went ahead and trimmed down the little plastic piece that was left on the bottom of the buds just so they would lay flat and I'd have more area to glue.

Start gluing! You could lay everything out and find a good placement for everything. But this is me trying to be less OCD so I just went for it. I glued each flower on one at a time until my C was filled. If the bottom of your flower is plastic, there is a chance that the glue will melt it. Also the glue is very hot and so if you stick your finger in some freshly melted glue, there is a chance that a string of curses will flow freely from your mouth and so it's a good idea to either be very careful and not an idiot or to not do this around small children. (I chose the second option).

To hang your letter on the wall, trim a piece of craft wire or string or twine. Find your center of gravity (it's probably a good idea to tape on your wire or string or twine and hang it on the wall to make sure you've found the center of gravity and your letter isn't going to be eternally lopsided [NOT THAT I'M SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE OR ANYTHING]) and glue both ends of the wire or string or twine to your letter. Hang it in your frame (obviously discard the glass) and you're done!

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