Wednesday, April 2, 2014

About teeth part III

I really, really should stop writing these posts about teeth. Because every time I do, another tooth makes it way through those poor baby gums and just about ruins our lives.

Recap here and here for the full story.

Over the past few days (the days right before Evan left for his little tropical vacation), Maddox came down with a fever and has been ultra crabby pants about everything. He refuses to eat (he's even refusing cheese. I don't know who this kid is, even!), refuses to take medicine, won't drink anything and naps for hours and hours and hours. His fever was anywhere from 99-101 so I did what any hysterical mom would do and obsessively held the thermometer in his mouth and gave him Tylenol on the dot and rubbed his back and used an entire bottle of lavender oil all over his hot little head and sweaty little feet.

I felt like it would be mean of me to hold him down and look in his mouth so I did not do that. His fever finally broke on Tuesday morning but even without a fever he was still mega grumpy the entire day. This was also exacerbated (oh you fancy huh?) by the fact that as we left Evan at the airport and tried to pay our way out of the parking lot, the car in front of us was scouring their entire car for pennies to pay their fee. I video taped the entire odyssey to send to Evan because I feel like sometimes he doesn't believe the things that happen to me. The video was TWO MINUTES and FORTY SECONDS of this couple searching their entire car for change and my commentary and also Maddox losing his shit. When the entire ordeal was finally over and I pulled up to my turn, having the correct change sitting on my lap, the guy working the window heard Maddox screaming and said, "Oh, she's so upset!"

So, that made him even more mad, obviously.

I finally got the courage to check his mouth and saw two new incisors already most of the way through.

Those stinking teeth. But thanks for not wasting any time on your arrival, I guess!

Since he is refusing to eat anything, I'm mostly playing a game of, "Will this be something Maddox will eat? Or will this be something he's going to spit all over me?" Because mostly the latter. And also why I was cleaning cottage cheese off of myself for a good 10 minutes yesterday.

Thumbs up to also how I get to get on a plane by myself in a few days and sorry to whoever has to sit next to us on the plane and might become a victim of Maddox's rage-spitting. I apologize in advance.

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  1. Oooooh that face! The man is serious.
    And rage-spitting. I feel a mixture of laughter and, "Oh, sweet dear, bless your heart!" (in my best Southern accent, of course). I'm sorry he's been feeling so poorly. :( Hopefully he perks up soon!
    And, PS I would pay good money to see that video LOL

    1. he can be so serious! usually he's laughing and so crazy happy but then sometimes he won't give you a smile for anything.

      maybe i should post that video on you tube, huh? ;]