Wednesday, February 12, 2014

About teeth part II

Remember that time that I told ya'll about how Maddox is such a good teether? Remember how he got his first tooth and I didn't even know it? And then all of the sudden he had two top teeth coming through and I didn't even know it? And I said, and I quote, "Throw the list of teething symptoms in the trash and burn it."

Open mouth, insert foot.

Things were going great! I found out that he had some top teeth on their way and about that same time my precious little baby who had been sleeping from 7 pm to about 7 am started waking up at 1. And then again at 3. And then again at 5. And then again at 6. And then 7 and was up for the day. This went on for an entire week. An entire week where I thought someone was breaking into my house at night and stealing my sleeping baby and replacing him with an infant because those parents were tired and wanted a full night's rest. For an entire week I rolled myself out of bed three or four or five or six times a night and fed Maddox and rocked him back to sleep. And then I got lazy and started shaking Evan awake when Maddox would get up. "Babe. The baby." And Evan would roll out of bed and walk the three feet to Maddox's room and bring him back to bed. Eventually I would just stay sleeping and Evan would wake up and just bring in Maddox and I'd wake up to this warm little cuddle bug curled up between us. "Oh! When did he get here?" I'd ask. Because one week of an infant sleeping schedule was enough for me and my sleep-loving ways.

And so. We fought those darn teeth for weeks. Maddox refused to even let me look at them but one night maybe we held him down to get a quick peek and saw THREE teeth popping through those sore little gums. I feel you, little buddy.

As of now, things are back to the way they were. He's sleeping through the night again and wakes up between 5 and 6 and we just bring him in our bed and all sleep until 7 or 8 when normal humans greet the day (I'm sorry. I can't trust you if you are awake before then. ;] ).

But seriously. Maddox put the stop to my bragging about his teething RULL quick.

These pictures are kind of confusing because he sort of looks like he's suddenly six feet tall. But I assure you that he's only like 29 inches.

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  1. Baby's do that! They have an item were it takes care of it gam rubbing something for it to mum them up

  2. Poor little guy...... but he looks happy now ☺

    1. well, those pictures were from his 9 month check up, so that we before all this started. but in real life, he still does look very happy and is pretty much only not happy in the middle of the night. it's touch and go but we're doing much better than we were!