Tuesday, October 22, 2013

about teeth.

Have you ever met those really annoying moms who are like, "We didn't even know __ was teething until a tooth popped up! No fussing, no crying, no typical teething signs." BLAH BLAH BLAH.


because Maddox is that baby.

Because homeboy has a tooth. A TOOTH. And I didn't even know it. I knew it was coming, I just didn't know it was here already. He was chewing on a clear toy a few weeks ago and when he pressed the toy against his gums I could see the white. But he was never fussy. He never had a temp. Throw the list of teething symptoms in the trash and burn. it. because my child has been a total champ with that SHARP tooth making its way through his gums.

You go, baby love!

It is my one small victory because Maddox also hates sleep. OR he hates sleep in his crib. He thinks nighttime is for two to three hour naps and wakes up and wants to play and eat and growl and yell and cry and I'm like, "Please, child. GO TO SLEEP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD."

But anyway, teeth. Isn't the human body the craziest thing ever? Like, how did that tooth decide to join us? One day it was just like, "I'M OUT." And now here it is? Related: I grew a baby. I mean, mostly I was an incubator. But I grew a baby. I grew a baby like I breathe air: I didn't have to think about it one time and my body took care of all that and I just ran around and got fat and tired and swollen and then they cut that baby out of me and that baby took a breath and lived on his own without being attached to me by a cord and gets bigger and bigger every single day and his body taught him to sit up and roll over and bounce and I didn't have to do anything but feed him and change his diaper and give him a place to sleep.

Mind Blown.

(Obviously I'm doing more than just feeding, changing and allowing sleep over here. Just to clarify.)

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  1. Again, that picture, just GOSH. I have never wanted to pinch little thighs before, but there you have it. He's adorbs.
    And this post. YES! Yay for no teething symptoms! And the human body is just bizarre. Like you said, if you really think about it--ike really take a step back and think--each little thing our bodies do just automatically is quite remarkable. Seriously.

    1. I've never wanted to pinch thighs before. LAUGH OUT LOUD, Sarah! Hahaha you're the best! My favorite are his little tootsies! How cute are those?! The curl. Ah!

      Pretty much everything the body does is crazy town. Even the bad stuff. It's all way beyond me but when people are like "no we evolved from one tiny cell," I'm like "oh yeah. TOTALLY makes sense though." HA.