Friday, February 21, 2014

January Project Life

I'm sharing my January pages from my 2014 Project Life album. It feels so good to be in a new album and starting a new year. I'm starting fresh and clean and with a blank slate. There is nothing better.

This is my title page. I scoured the Google for 2014 pictures and then a few weeks ago Urbanic sold me that "2014 a grand adventure" card for $1 and I love it. It's an odd size and so I decided to just make myself a collage and then sew it together. And then I sewed all around it in the page protector so that it wouldn't fall out or move around. And that was next to impossible. Since this was an odd shape I decided to just put some pretty paper on the back side and then add a few pictures from NYE. (I definitely woke Maddox up to ring in the new year and he was not impressed.)

January 1 -- January 5:

Since this was a short week and I had already used half of the spread for my title page, I just decided to use a single page. All of these pictures represent our (or my) goals for 2014 (devos with Evan every day, dating, eating clean, reading before bed, more family time) and I journaled a little bit about that on the 3x4 card.

 January 6 -- January 12:

This week starts off the normal routine of my PL binder. I add the pictures to both pages in a way that appeals to me, not in any sort of order. The heart is definitely covering up some nakey baby who maybe had an overflowing diaper and had to be set down while I changed the changing pad cover and who maybe took off across the floor. Naked. I captured the moment for blackmail to send to Evan because it was about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I also made myself a microwavable rice pack because I am always freezing so I sewed up some fabric and stuck it in the pocket. I also included the sweetest picture of Maddox pointing to "the baby" (himself) when I was showing him my 2013 PL binder. He loves to point out all the babies and so we went page by page as he pointed to every single picture of a baby.

January 13 -- January 19:

Pretty normal week, a little low on pictures > hence the bath time photoshoot taking up an entire page. The chipboard heart is from one of my Studio Calico monthly kits, along with the card behind it. I used a photo dot to adhere the two together.

January 20 -- January 26:

This week was a photo heavy week since we took our monthly family photo and also celebrated a ten month old! I included a separate insert for his ten months and sewed it shut. I cropped up our family photo and filled an entire 12x12 sheet with it. I think I'll continue that tradition every month. The iPhone quality of that blown up picture is so, so bad. Definitely challenging myself to break out my real camera from now on.

January 27 -- February 2:

This was the week that I finished my quilt! (Hooray, hooray!) Maddox went down a slide for the first time (loved it) and also started getting some top teeth that ruined all of our lives. The bottom pictures turned out way darker than they should have but it's fine. We took them one morning when Maddox woke us up super early, so I suppose the darkness makes some kind of sense.

And that's that! I'm totally caught up to last week and it feels SO. GOOD. I was playing catch-up all last year and I'm determined to stay on top of things this time around.

/I buy most of my Project Life products from Amazon (except Hob Lob recently started carrying everything so LOOK. OUT.). My core kit is Seafoam. The pages are design A and I love them. I used a fine pointed sharpie to write on everything. I subscribed to Studio Calico Project Life kits for six months and loved it (Now I'm practically drowning in supplies but have this irrational fear of using my products. I need help.).

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  1. I love this so much! and I loved going thru and looking at last year's! You are amazing! I love your craftiness! And you are so good at everything you do! So inspiring! (Not trying to be creepy lol)

    1. so creepy jess. SO. CREEPY. ;] hahaha

      thank you!!! let's craft date. <3

  2. I am sooo happy an other one for this year is coming together good for you. cant wait to see more each month comes