Thursday, February 20, 2014

2/12 (a year of dates)

Date 2 of 12 was a surprise to Evan from me. I had no real reason to make it a surprise except for the fact that he probably wasn't going to be jumping out of his skin with excitement for it. Because we were painting pottery. Which is not exactly a manly man thing. Sorry, babe.

Also, side note: In college, Evan and I took a pottery class. It was our first class together and it was the best and worst thing ever. Best because I love art and hands on things. Worst because our teacher would whip something up and then get frustrated with us when we couldn't copy. And also the class was three hours long twice a week and we were required to spend an additional million hours outside of class working on our crap. Other best: We could make as many things as we want and get millions of extra credit points. I think I had, like, a 305% in that class or something ridiculous.

Anyway. Evan was not very happy with me for that entire semester. So you can see why I was a tiny bit nervous SLASH didn't tell him our date plan until we arrived in the parking lot of the pottery place.

But we had so much fun. We painted some mugs because I have been thinking about painting a mug since I decided on this date. And I sort of had an unfair advantage because I've known about this for a month and plotted out my design in my mind, down to the color. And then I sprung it on Evan and my poor, sports-loving, arts and crafts-hating husband had to come up with a design real quick like. But he did good. I'm so impressed. (I did triangles; he did stripes.)

It took us (well, me because I'm OCD) three hours to paint our mugs. You have to go over the glaze and over the glaze and over the glaze a million times before it is thick enough to look decent. And so I sat there for three hours painting tiny triangles on my mug.

The best part was just being with Evan and doing an non-routine date. We laughed the entire time and my heart was so full. I'm loving these dates and the time we purposely set aside to be together. Evan gets to plan March's date and he told me we're spending an entire day watching sports. I suppose that's only fair.

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  1. Aww soo love the tinny patterns ya did with that cup