Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The beginning of Christmas

Tonight we're going to decorate the Christmas tree, turn on the Pandora Christmas station and teach Maddox about the most magical time of the year. I'm so sad that Thanksgiving is so late this year because there are hardly any Christmas tree lots ready to go, which means that the tree will barely be up for a month before it's time to take it down. I don't like to cheat on holidays but I think this late Thanksgiving can be an exception.

Anyway. While getting out all of the Christmas things today, this happened.

He's pretty smitten with those lights. He also tried to eat them and let me tell you, photographing a child is a two-person job.

[Also, this child can no longer be left alone anywhere. He turned eight-months and became a daredevil. Today: pulling himself up on his crib, pulling things off the ottoman, getting into the bathroom trash. I have my hands full these days. But I love, love, love it.]

I cannot wait to see his expression tonight when a giant, lit-up tree arrives in our livingroom. I think salt dough hand and foot print ornaments are in order, too.

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  1. Gush those photos are sooo creative and awesomely well done picture.....

  2. We're decorating our tree tonight too!!! Thanksgiving up here was back in October, so we're among the last of our friends to get our tree up. :)

    1. yaaay! so, do you guys normally have your tree up for ALLLL of november and most of october? that is a lot but i love it. i'm going to practice canadian thanksgiving next year just so i have an excuse to put my tree up super duper early. ;]