Thursday, September 12, 2013


i mean, would you expect anything else from us on a full day off together? celebratory pictures in our new secret location + celebrating evan's birthday. i also made him a confetti cake and were you all aware that mrs. betty crocker is no longer producing rainbow chip frosting? this is an outrage. besides the fact that i had a mini-melt down at three different stores, today was a great day to celebrate my love and another year under our belts.

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    1. Sorry, it's a secret. We can't give away our locations!

    2. oh right rats... oh its all good.. whats what happens if i find it also? i can say its an secret place to? but ill be in Billings on my birthday weekend in november 1 throw the 3 ill will be at faith chapel on saturday night to see patti & ryan barkells and sunday cause ill see other people before i leave on the 3 in the morning time probably leave billings at 9 something in the morning time soome time. i hope to try to see evan and maddoxx and you again?

  2. You guys are just darling! I hope you enjoy your visit to Seattle!

  3. This is way too adorable. What a handsome family--the last one is my favorite.