Wednesday, September 11, 2013


it's this guy's 25th birthday today!

(evan's. not the baby's. just to clarify. although it feels like he's 25 at the rate he's growing up.)

i just feel so blessed to live life with him by my side. i know everyone says it all the time and it gets old because whenever i see someone else say it, i'm like, "uh, no. you. do. not. have thee best husband/baby daddy/bff/etc." because i do. but sometimes in the quiet moments or the moments where we're laughing so hard we can't see or the moments where one of us is mad at the other one, i just realize how perfectly aligned we are. how there is no other person on the face of this planet that i would rather do anything with. i mean it. even fights. i'd rather do fights with him than with anyone else.

his twenty fourth birthday was spent telling a lot of people about maddox and taking care of me because i had the worst sinus infection of my life. so this year we're celebrating by packing up our suitcase (singular because checking luggage costs about as much as our mortgage) and flying out to seattle tomorrow! it's a birthday trip for my love but we're pretending it's to celebrate our friends getting married. confusing, i know.

so, we're off to venture as west as evan and maddox have ever been and i'm off to find out what sort of anti anxiety medications i can eat because larissa + flying = no. (ps, that's my new formula for everything. i should probably be a math teacher. mostly because i'm 99 percent positive they don't even use numbers in math anymore? my brother brought home his college math homework and i was like nope. nope dot com.)

but back to evan.

happy birthday to the love of my life, here's to one hundred more with me by your side because YOU are the luckiest man on earth!

haha haha haha.

happy birthday evan, i love you.

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  1. Happy Borthday, Evan. Have a fun safe trip....


  2. Happy bday Evan........... and a little note for you Larissa Bach Rescue Remedy.. for the anxiety.... it is all flower extract. We love it, love it and doesnt affect any meds nor BreastFeeding.

    1. Interesting! I'll have to look into it, thanks! I did pretty good on the plane but normally I don't. Haha