Friday, September 6, 2013

new news

Let it be known that Evan is very good at convincing, uplifting and sweet talking. He's the best at confidence building and compliments. Because obviously you always see yourself in a harsher light than the rest of the world does.

So. When we bought my DSLR for my 23rd birthday, with the specific reason of taking pretty pictures in Africa, we never thought that it would turn into family photo shoots around town and taking pictures for our friends and family. Never in one million years would I have expected the cardboard box that contained a contraption I knew nothing about, to also held so many possibilities and opportunities exactly two years and three months later. Evan probably never imagined that he would use my birthday present as much as he does, and that he would have so much talent in his perspective and ingenuity. Because the first digital camera Evan had came from Costco in a piece of plastic. There was a slide cover over the lens and the viewing screen was about the size of my pinky nail. And now he's snapping the best pictures and making me feel good about myself on the other side of the camera. He's finding creative locations and using his height as an advantage because he's basically me on a stepping stool. He says that this is basically "my thing" but really, this wouldn't even be a thing if it weren't for him. So it's "our thing" and I've always hoped that someday we would get to work together again. And here we are.

Because every time we go on our own photo shoots Evan says, "You should do this for other people." And I shy away from that because what? Really? No. And he's encouraging and diplomatic and persistent and eventually he wears away at this incredibly strong and very dense external shield that I have built up and suddenly here we are, creating our own photography business, booking clients and finding ourselves totally immersed in this world of photography.

It's been a whirlwind. He's a go-getter and spontaneous. And I'm a type-A plan, plan, planner. I would have made a to-do list fifteen hundred miles long and required a check mark next to each item before I even leaked one single peep of this to anyone. But his excitement and spontaneity got at it before I could protest and I'm so thankful for his easy-going personality that didn't stop when starting a photography business turns out to be more than slapping a watermark on a few pictures you've taken. Once we announced this exciting news to our friends and family, I knew that this was perfect because of the amount of excitement built up in my chest. We'd have a big problem if I was only so-so about this. I mean, I sacrificed several hours of sleep to do some research and get things going. That should say something.

I can't wait for this next season of our lives. We're booking clients and taking this bull by its horns and going for it with everything we've got. Life's been pretty crazy for the past year with the news of a new baby and then having said baby and then turning our world upside down for said baby, why not throw in a new business and some late night photo editing dates over extra buttery popcorn and reruns of The Office? Sounds pretty perfect to me.

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  1. You guys are AWESOME. I cannot wait to see where this takes you and the beautiful artwork you create with your camera! So exciting!!!!

    1. thanks sarah! we're super excited as well! (obviously. haha)

  2. Congratulations on your venture... life has a way of taking you down unexpected roads.. you will be great. ☺