Friday, June 21, 2013


we have this little tradition, maddox and i. we sit outside on the front porch and wait for evan to come home. it's the simplest thing, but it's one of my favorites.

i remember sitting at the bay window when i was a little girl and watching my parents come and go. in the winter my mom would throw snowballs at the window. in almost all the months, my dad rode his bike and he'd coast up the driveway into home.

i want maddox to always be excited when his daddy comes home. to know how special it is that his daddy works extra hard so that i can stay home with him, and to be extra excited to see him.

and so we sit and we wait. i kiss the top of his head a billion times and he holds all my fingers and sucks on his hand. we talk about the kitty and the puppy and the birds. we say hi to the neighbors and we wave to the kids on their bikes. but most importantly, we wait for this little man's papa to pull up.

evan told me that it was the best to see us out there waiting for him. and so i do it. whether it's a stressful day with too many diapers and spit ups and outfit changes. whether it's a morning after a sleepless night. whether it's a day without naps. whether i'm dressed or not. whether my hair is a nightmare and yesterday's makeup is streaked across my face. whether i'm showered or not. whether i'm wearing a bra or not. whether there are other things i need to get done or not. we sit outside and we wait. we spend a few (and sometimes a lot) of extra minutes being together and waiting for our favorite person.

we're making memories and traditions and favorite moments over here.
(and i could kiss the top of that head forever and ever amen.)

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  1. oh may goodness thats good to do i was so like you ill wait for my dad at the window!!

    very cute story on your blog.

    hope for can do what i did on my blog to yours blog about me its all good if not but that would be an honer but if cant do it i fine with it.

    i hope you can be alright to send me and friends request on facebook @Lacey Key. and unblock me on pinterest but if not with these im ok with out it i guesss so!!!?? :) =)