Thursday, June 20, 2013

the weekend

this weekend we went on maddox's first roadtrip to evan's grandpa's 85th birthday bash. it was four hours away but 3-3.5 is the amount of hours maddox goes during the day between feedings. so i was a little nervous. i decided not to take any bottles and if we had to feed the babe, we'd feed him on the highway. um? yikes.

so we left right after we fed him to hopefully tide him over for a while. it did. we even stopped for an hour and ate lunch at a sandwich shop i've been craving since the beginning of my pregnancy (not allowed to eat lunch meat and all that junk). and it wasn't as good as i hoped. which always happens and is always a bummer.

but maddox slept the ENTIRE way. he is seriously the best baby.

also? every time we drive west, i fall in love with this state a little more. it's so perfect. just look at that sky!

we got into town and showed him off to a few of evan's family members and then when out for pizza where stupid pizza hut made me put maddox on the ground in his car seat. and i lost my mind and wrote them a nasty little note because don't.

anyway. maddox slept for like an hour the entire night. it was the worst. from a child who went from sleeping 6 or 7 hours a night............i thought i was going to die. it literally felt like he slept for a minute before he was screaming his head off to be fed. but THEN when i'd feed him, he'd fall asleep. then when i'd put him back in his bed, he'd freak out. it was a looooong night.

BUT. but we spent all of saturday outside playing with evan's bajillion cousins and eating too much food and cupcakes. which made our sweet baby boy exhausted and he slept for NINE (count 'em! NINE!) hours. STRAIGHT. what even?!! he fell asleep at 9pm and slept until 6. it was glorious!

we left for home on sunday and did not have as good of luck with our feeding schedule. we had to pull into a tiny little town's gas station/truck stop (ew) and i fed him. then he spit up all over me. because you know, why the heck not?

we came back on father's day so we had to spoil evan extra hard for being in the car most of the day. we had to miss church because we were out of town but evan and maddox got to do a father's day photoshoot for the service. and it was adorable. i died. they used one of the pictures in the middle of our lobby area to wish people a "happy father's day" and another rotated through as an "ad" on the screens. my favorite, though, was how many of our friends took a picture of our picture and sent it to us. they love us. but probably just maddox. because look:::

i. know.

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    1. about you please read this and comment on it thanks!!?? :)

  2. I cannot stand how freakin' adorable Maddox is.
    Seriously, you and Evan need to have a ton of more babies because you two make the most precious little humans ever.

    1. HAHAHA

      isn't it weird to think about what our other children would look like? i always love looking at siblings and seeing how different, yet alike they are. i think that my brother and i look nothing alike but we are so similar in our mannerisms and the way we talk. (i still say he's adopted.)

      but thank you. =] i think so, too.

    2. Yeah! My sister and I do not look much a like at all, but our mannerisms and our voices are essentially the same. It's crazy.
      I used to tell her she was adopted when we were younger. I was mean. Lol.