Sunday, June 23, 2013

ten things

this is me. standing on top of a glacier in a tank and chacos. because why not?

ten things about me off the top of my head:

1. i HATEEE, with all that is in me, runny yolks. i cannot think about them, look at them, watch people eat them, have anything to do with them. i'm not super picky about my food but i refuse to eat eggs cooked by anyone besides my mom or evan or myself because everyone else in this world thinks runny yolks are okay. (they're not.)

2. i also hate, with all that is in me, personalized license plates. whenever i see one i seriously want to go punch the person in the head and knock some sense into them. i saw a minivan today with the plate "4r4xldgs" or something like that and i was just like, girl please. you're not fooling anyone. you have 6 kids and plus no one in their right mind buys a minivan for their "dogs." who are "XL" because no one in their right mind has four "XL" dogs and puts them in a minivan. just, stop. however. i did see one that said "wutitiz" and i literally thought it said "woo titties" and i died laughing. it actually says, "what it is" which is also hilarious because sometimes i'm dyslexic and say that instead of, "what is it?" but still. just get the regular plate and stop it.

3. after working from home for the past few weeks, i will never, ever have a 9-5 job again. making my own schedule, working in my jams and doing whatever the hell i want is the best.

4. i'm scared of the weirdest things. for example: (1) touching the floor in a pool. i will seriously tread water for days so i don't have to touch it. (2) touching the walls in a shower. (3)  u-turns. i'm 150% positive i'm going to be t-boned. (4) spiders. i thought i was growing out of that a little but then evan's dad killed a spider with his hand and i gagged. so, guess not. (5) other people's things not being up to my cleanliness standards (they're not. i guarantee it.)

5. i'm a type-A personality to the core. control freak, time management freak, impatient, rigidly organized, etc. i mean, to the T.

6. i dislike movies. like, a lot. evan and the world will talk about some movie and i will be like "huh. never seen it." to literally every. single. movie. i will; however, watch 492103 straight hours of TV. and never get bored. so.

7. i used to love spicy food. i still want to love spicy food but being pregnant made milk spicy. (jk, i don't drink milk.) but i can't handle it anymore and it makes me so sad. i still pretend like it doesn't kill me when i squeeze half a bottle of sriracha on my food and my mouth dies a thousand deaths of heat.

8. i care entirely too much about what other people think of me.

9. i know this is a list about me but let me tell you some ridiculous quotes from my dad: (1) "i used to go to the baseball games and they'd sell beer for $.50 and i'd buy 72 of them and carry them back to my friends." (2) "tom brady is such a tool." -me "what's a tool?" -my dad (3) "we gotta clean up all this glass in the alley in case someone comes out here barefoot."

10. i had an allergic reaction to my c-section. my legs and back itched so bad for months. and still do. and also i have no self-control when it comes to itching and so i scratched the skin off my body. evan would have to tackle me and hold me down to make me stop. my doctor says it's nothing but i'm clearly allergic to everything in this world already, why not add "having babies" to the list?

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