Sunday, January 20, 2013


let's just ignore the fact that i'm writing this on day 1 of week 30. it was just one of those weeks. let me tell you: these third trimester hormones are NO joke. i don't really feel any different, i'm not crying left and right but i know that when i get upset with evan over asking what i want for lunch, that something isn't right. but we reconciled over pizza and pretty little liars. so it was okay.

[when i was little i had no idea where babies came from. like, where they grew, came from. not where they came from, came from. even though i didn't know that either. but i specifically remember holding my doll up to my mom and telling her she was pregnant and had babies in her teeth. kids, man.]

but there are eleven weeks until i no longer have the uncontrollable urge to pee 24/7. even after i pee. i take two steps and gotta go again. that is my least favorite part about this. this baby may be suspended in fluid but this baby sure is not weightless while sitting on top of my bladder. and also my bladder is the best punching bag in the world.

but THE BEST part about having to pee 24/7 is how we are remodeling our upstairs bathroom and evan is a nazi and won't even let me in it to pee. not even at 2, 3 4 or 5 am. so i have to go alllll the way downstairs to our other bathroom. he even duct taped the door shut so i wouldn't go in there. i mean, really.

evan also won't let me dye my hair EVEN THOUGH i googled "is it okay to dye your hair in the 3rd trimester?" and i found an answer from an ex-model who had to have her hair dyed every 2 weeks and didn't know she was pregnant and was still dying her hair in her first trimester but then her son turned out okay and in fact he took the SAT's at age 12 and scored in the top 25%. AND EVAN STILL WON'T LET ME DYE MY HAIR. and i mean, that was a pretty convincing argument.

and now i'm down to doctor's appointments every 2 weeks. which is really going to make time fly by. at the last appointment my blood pressure was the lowest it has ever been (100/75) and i was like, "is my heart even working?!" you would think it would be pumping extra hard to build up this baby but i guess it ain't no thang for my heart.

and also the nurse said to us, "you guys are having a girl, right?" so. apparently we're having a girl? just kidding, i don't think she actually knows and maybe she just got us mixed up with someone else. it would be a total shock because we still think it's a boy. but then that makes me think it's a girl. which makes my head hurt. 

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  1. OMG your story about little you and pregnant teeth? LOVE IT.
    My mom always starting explaining where babies grew when we were like six but the whole PROCESS wasn't explained until later . . . In fact, last night, I had my six-year old sister in the car and she goes, "Sarah? Why didn't the chicken lay any eggs?"
    "Uuuhhhh . . . because she's a chicken? Like she's scared?"
    "NO! It's because there wasn't a rooster. Roosters are the boys and they have the fertilizers and the girl chicken has to have the fertilizer to make the egg grow. Mommy was telling me all about the boys and their fertilizers."
    And I'm trying not to die laughing.
    Kids, right????

    Evan's bathroom remodeling sounds too funny--what a pain not to be allowed to use the toilet in the middle of the night, though! I can't wait to see his masterpiece when it's all finished. It will be totally worth it . . . right? Maybe a little?

    That brilliant kid due to mom dying her hair should totally work as an argument. I mean, really ;]

    OMG like ten weeks left! YAY!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha so funny! Kids are hilarious! I had some pretty embarrassing moments too. Before my mom straightened me out. HA.

      Ten weeks is right. Ai yie yie.

      And two until the bathroom is usable and clean and it will be SO worth it. I can't complain too hard but I'm gonna anyway.

  2. You're sorta my favorite.
    Don't tell all the other humans though - they'll get upset. ;]

    So.. what's your girls name gonna be? ;]

    1. You're sorta my favorite. It can be our secret. ;]

      Clementine, duh. Just don't tell Evan.

  3. I love your hair color the way it is.
    And I think it's a little funny that Evan duct taped the bathroom door. Like that little piece of tape would seriously keep you out, but the fact that he did it anyways is seriously adorable.

    I love these little updates of yours. I cannot wait until you are holding your baby!!!

    And teeth are totally where babies come from. ;)

    1. It definitely chose this filter because I liked the way it made my hair look. If you saw it in real life you might think differently. ;] idk. I'm a dark-haired girl and I want to put in my burgundy and purple and not have this crazy light hair that comes from dye abuse. Oh well. It's all for a good cause.

      So, my dad took the door off and threw away the hinges. So we went from duct taped door to no door in 24 hours. Hahahaha take that, Evan!

      And teeth are totally where babies come from! No doubt!

  4. Oh my gosh, pregnant teeth. That's the cutest. When I was small I ALLEGEDLY gave a pregnant lady in line at the grocery store a disapproving look and said "I know how THAT got there."

    Also models = doctors, obviously. So go nuts. (:

    1. Hahaha I love kids! That. Is. Hilarious! So disapproving. And adorable!

      And right?! I don't know how my arguement didn't win me hair dye and a spa day or something for just being so damn brilliant.