Thursday, January 17, 2013

[my girl]






you guys. WHERE DID MY BABY GO?! that isn't even fair.
from those adorable two front teeth that made it impossible for her not to smile to the most gorgeous young lady.
and that hair?! what in the world. i'm ordering time to slow down right this moment.
i know it's a bit confusing because she looks like a teenager but let me assure you that she most certainly is not. the girl who took these last two pictures assures me that she still wears and cherishes her hot wheels shirt [see above] so she's still my little boyish girl.

2 loves:

  1. She is gorgeous! Wow! I love that you have kept in touch all these years :)

    1. i know. she totally steals my heart!

      2012 was actually the first year i haven't seen her since my church goes back every year. and we didn't go. so. i just send my mom and my friends orders to make sure and take her portrait. and so far they've done way better than me. so. that's embarrassing.

      it's going to be super weird when she adds me on FB. one of the older "graduated out" kids did and i was like NO. you are still a baby and too young to be corrupted by FB!