Sunday, January 27, 2013


holy smokes. i'm the worst kind of slacker. two weeks in a row and i can't get it together. i'm pretending that there aren't only 10 weeks left [and now 9] because let me give you a peek into my life this week:

yes. that is the current state of my bathroom. i know you're jealous because you wish your entire house was covered with the finest layer of dirt and dust and that your living room had a toilet in the middle of it and that you got bronchitis from all the dust and mold spores. i CANNOT WAIT for it to just be done. and i'll share real before, during and after pictures for our first [and seriously last because i'm 1 second away from just burning this house to the ground] home improvement project.

this is real life.

i'm having chocolate ice cream for breakfast because that is how you handle situations like this.

back to me, though. 30 weeks is like super mega pregnant. because it means that there are only ten weeks to go. YIKES. [something about me: i like to point out the obvious.] on friday the baby did not stop moving once. i had a doughnut and some orange juice and all the sugar went to the babe. and there is a foot in my rib cage pretty consistently but the babe pushed so hard right below my rib that i literally had a tumor outside of my stomach in the shape of a baby heel for a few seconds. and it was the coolest thing ever. i love that i get to feel the baby from the inside but feeling it from the outside is equally as amazing.

also? i've converted to the "she" side. evan thinks i'm crazy but 1. all i want is chocolate ice cream (along with other sweets); 2. all the wives tales point to girl at this point in my pregnancy; 3. what fun is it to be on the same team as evan? 4. my friend erin keeps sending me adorable pictures of baby/girl items; 5. obviously all the little girl stuff is way cuter than the little boy stuff and 6. i bought a tutu because it was on clearance and i couldn't resist it.

TEAM GIRL. holla.

evan is the cutest. he had a meeting at work and a super bowl party and so was dressed all biz caz but also had a bears hat on. major heart eyes at that guy. also my anthro dress STILL fits, so major heart eyes at that, too.

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  1. Can't wait to see pictures of the bathroom when it is all done. I am sure it will look amazing.
    I can't believe that time has gone by so fast and that the newest cousin will be here soon.
    I am still sticking with Baby Cook being a girl!!

    Lisa :)

    1. I can't wait either. So sick of my house being torn apart! No more remodeling for like 5 years. ;]

      Time sure does fly by. I don't know how or where it goes but if it could slow it down for a minute, id be greatful. TEAM GIRL! So glad you're on my team!!

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