Tuesday, December 11, 2012


/i hate those stupid inflatable christmas lawn ornaments. my neighbors have one and i just want to stab it. that shit is ugly and not christmas at all.

/i hung some ornaments from the window in our kitchen. just  some little bby left over bulbs from some string. well, they fell down. RIGHT as we were going to bed. evan has a BB gun in our room because he's tough and so he took that out to find the intruders, which took him like 15 minutes (nothing was broke, thank you, sweet baby jesus < get it? because christmas? i know).

/let's talk about baby hiccups. my hiccups are out of control and this baby apparently inherited that with hiccups like 43 times a day. i get instant hiccups whenever i eat spicy food and usually if i drink soda (like when evan made me eat the spiciest jalapeno of.my.life and i was hiccuping for 10 minutes while every.other.restaurant.patron stared me down with daggers because i'm loud) and this baby is going to have loud hiccups, too.

/i have pretty much given up on putting on my socks and shoes. i painted my toes for what will be the last time this weekend and i now hand that torch to evan who must promise me to keep my toes perfectly manicured. he has already perfected putting on my socks and shoes. WHAT? i'm just preparing him for an infant.

/i always wake up in the middle of the night to pee and the other night i woke up in tears because my feet hurt so bad. i could hardly walk the 5 steps to our bathroom. i was half asleep and tired which was mostly the problem but they did hurt. evan woke up early the next morning to give me a foot massage before i had to get out of bed. [that's on my super secret list of reasons i know he loves me.]

/our church's outreach team [evan's job] is volunteering at a christmas store this weekend where we're selling toys to low-income parents for cheapy cheap. because we want to "teach a man to fish, not feed him for a day," type of thing. so we're letting them buy their presents rather than handing presents out. BUT! evan and i get to go shopping for the gifts. UM how awesome is it going to be pushing 15 carts FULL OF TOYS around toys r us?! christmas is my favorite thing ever.

/we were super, super mega blessed this weekend with a brand new vanity and counter top for our bathroom. it wasn't free but it was basically free. i want to cry every time i think about how generous people can be and how thankful i am for these people lowering my stress level about 50 notches.

/i love my new blog design. i love simplicity. except what is not simple is how blogger won't let me change the color of my links. cool, blogger.

/my christmas tree is the prettiest/best tree in the whole wide world. also christmas trees basically threw up in my house this christmas because that's the only decorations i put out. but i put out like 55 of them. go big or go home, right? my brother and i built one out of pallets and it's amazing. when i say "my brother and i" i mean mostly me. me and my power tools, y'all! (just kidding. danger.)

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  1. --Anything big and puffy in the yard is so not cool. Chris's parents have neighbors who put out a working giant blow-up SNOWGLOBE. Like it blows "snow" all around frosty and should be a bloody bounce house, but, instead, it's just an eyesore. I don't get it.
    --I love the image of Evan and his BB gun. OMG. Too funny! P.S. Nice little Christmas pun ;] teehee
    --I bet baby hiccups are the cutest. I dont know--you and your kiddo seem so in sync (I mean, besides the fact that it's growing inside you so it kind of has to . . .), I kinda feel like you're having a girl. Maybe. It's a 50/50 chance ;]
    --Love sweet Evan painting toes and massaging feet. You've got yourself a keeper!
    --LOVE your church's idea! What a great ministry! I bet there are people who actually feel better being able to buy some presents, even if they're cheap, rather than just accepting handouts. At least, I like to think so . . .
    --What an awesome blessing! God is just awesome like that!
    --The new design is definitely a winner! :] Very sleek. Where do you find all of these designs? Or do you make them yourself? All your layouts have been great!
    --Um, I need pics of this pallet Christmas tree ;] Your tree in the pics here is so pretty! I love that you used photos as ornaments!

    1. I love your comments. MAKE MY LIFE why don't cha? ;] <3

      1. AGREED. Bouncy houses aren't allowed as lawn decs so get your ugly blow up snowman off that yard! I've seen the working ones and I'm like......just stop. Don't you want to stab it? If I don't I will. For you.

      2. Do you love that he also caulked it in our bedroom? If anyone was really out there they'd be like....sweet BB gun, bro. Hahahaha

      3. Ummm that is the sweetest thing anyone has said to me. Ever! I hope it's a girl. I really do. But I don't care. Ill be so happy with either, I'm not dead-set-utter disappointment if its a boy. But I guess you kind of have to be in sync when you're pretty much solely dependent on your human. Hahaha so cute =]

      4. Agreed. Again. Keeper fo sho!

    2. Premature. My b.

      5. The Christmas store is going to be so cool! Parents will love it since they get to buy nice things at a discounted price! It is set up by this non profit but we are maybe taking it over/doing most of the work this weekend? I have no idea. I'm showing up and wrapping gifts!

      6. Dude. Yes.

      7. I do them myself! Thanks! I just googled it until I learned enough to not have some crazy crap going on!

      8. Pallet pics coming soon! ;]

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  3. I love the new blog design too.. I need to go for something a bit more simple.. Hmm.. And what a nice husband you have putting on your shoesies for you..but what's this? why were you in tears? how come your feet hurt so bad? from standing? did you hurt yourself?


    1. thanks! he is a good husband. i sure do like him. ;]

      i just have really bad feet from years of ice skating and volleyball. and i don't wear proper shoes so they always hurt.

  4. You just made me laugh out loud! I can just imagine you stabbing your neighbors blow up christmas things in teir yard :-) I dont understand them but for some reason Judah likes them. He hasn't grasped the concept of tackiness ;-)

    1. I would do it! I don't even care! My parents have one right next door and it is the loudest thing ever! I'm like "how do you guys sleep with that thing right next to your window?!" Gross. ;] little kids SHOULD like them because they're like bouncy houses. But not adults. Hahaha my kids can admire them from afar and not from our front yard.

  5. Your lists like this one always makes me laugh.

    Those inflatable christmas decor crap is so dumb to me to. I hate, hate, hate it.

    That's so sweet that Evan is willing to keep your feet all nice and pretty. Seriously what an awesome husband.

    I love your tree, seriously such a great idea to decorate it with photos. And please tell me, how did you take the first photo of your tree? I've been trying to find out how, and I can get it right.

    PS I am loving your new layout as well. <3

    1. YES THANK YOU! It's so bad. Hahaha

      I don't even remember how I took it! Hahaha fail. =[ sometimes I'm really good at taking blurry iPhone photos but usually my camera auto focuses too fast for me. If you can get the afterglow app there's a "sharpening" setting were you can blur. I like that a lot. Pretty sure this was a happy accident though. ;]