Wednesday, December 5, 2012

23 weeks

soooo.....I'M AN AUNT!!!

it was a sort of scary emergency c-section for my sister-in-law on monday evening, 4 weeks before her due date but baby is here and healthy and doing good. but he's only 3 pounds, 11 ounces. TEENY TINY. evan and i went shopping for premie clothes tonight and we found ONE. literally, 3 stores, ONE onesie. all the newborn things are for 8.5 to 12 pounds. my gosh. he's doing good and oh my goodness he is cute! i know that newborns are not, let's be real here. but they made one cute baby. i'm in love. and his name is hason theodore after their grandpas. and i just want to hold him and cuddle him in one of those fleece body suits. so little hason needs to gain some weight so i don't feel like i'm going to break him. < good mom in training.

also evan's mom posted a status about baby hason on facebook but failed to mention stan and/or kalcy (HIS parents) and so i will not tell you how many texts evan got (and comments on her status) asking if it was our baby. i do not want to know how big a baby would be if it was almost 4 pounds at the halfway mark. but thank you for your concerns. hahaha

anywaaaaay. i'm going to write a book and it is titled "the things no one told you about pregnancy." there's also going to be a special section in there for nurses to read because nurses sure do know how to double your BP when they're like "if this happens again...go straight to the family birth center." I AM TWENTY THREE WEEKS, WE ARE NOT HAVING THIS BABY JUST YET, MADAM.

my book has 3 chapters so far. pretty much every other day i text my friend allie who has 3 kids and i'm like "story that i would never put on my blog because my family reads this and that would be awkward" and then she laughs at me and is like "response that i can't share because my family is still reading my blog."

seriously, your body is wacked the heck OUT when it grows another human. but how insane is it that we can do that? sometimes i just stop and i'm like OH MAN. it's one of those things i can't think about for very long or my head feels like it might explode. that, and how long eternity is. YOU CANNOT HANDLE IT.

umsoyeah. they moved my doctor's appointment up this week because we thought something not good was happening but then it was fine. but the nurse literally told me that if it did happen i would need to go straight to the family birth center and i was like OMGGGGG. but then i went to my appointment and we looked for the heart beat and did you know that babies loathe dopplers? holy smokes. the baby kept moving away from it until she basically pinned it down to get a good reading and then the baby kicked and punched it and then punched me all. afternoon. long. because it was not happy. 23 weeks and already sportin a 'tude. i don't even care because baby kicks and movement are the coolest things in the world. i can't even explain the joy and excitement and happiness it brings me to feel all that.

and even though the baby is measuring a little on the small side (perhaps small babies run in evan's genes, mr. 3 pound 11 ounce hason.) my stomach is measuring right on track for 23 weeks. so they're not worried at all, which is easy for them. but calms me down A LOT. especially hearing that whooshing heart beating away at 144 bpm. SPEEDY. i think evan and i both exhaled that gigantic breathe we had been holding all morning when we heard that heartbeat. even though i'd been feeling kicks and movement and everything was essentially normal. there's just something about that heartbeat. and the temper tantrum that follows. favorite. =]

also can we talk about how i'm craving soda like non other? i don't even drink soda normally, when i am not pregnant. seriously. i hate the way it makes my mouth feel and i hate the empty calories and sugar and junk. AND I WANT IT ALLLLL. i don't even know where it came from but all i want is a dr. pepper. 652 of them. and fountain, only. which is the only reason why i have not consumed 800 sodas at work, because they're canned and i refuse. [i'm the only montanan who says "soda" because it is not called a "pop."]

so that's that. lots of kicks and movement and potty breaks every 15 minutes and a lot of shortness of breath and smaller meals because this baby is definitely in charge around here. and things are good.

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  1. You look so beautiful.
    I am glad that you two were able to hear the baby's heartbeat. That really must have been amazing.

    I can't believe how teeny tiny Hason is (and such an awesome name). Hopefully you will come across more teeny tiny onesies.

    Oh, and your hair looks amazing!

    1. It's so amazing! I mean, it's the weirdest noise ever but it's so sweet. And crazy that they can hear it. I mean, just wow with modern medicine and junk.

      I am obsessed with his name! It seriously fits him so well. And he's just absolutely adorable. Easily the cutest baby I've ever seen. And definitely the tiniest.

      My hair is CUHRAZCEE. It's getting so so so long. And thick. Like, it could easily weigh 10 pounds. Scary.

  2. Oh my goodness! He is TINY!!! Just so teeny! You guys are going to be an awesome aunt and uncle!

    Yay for baby heartbeats! That's got to be the coolest thing ever! And the tantrums afterwards? Oh my. Too cute. You already have your hands full! ;]

    1. I couldn't even fathom it until I saw him! So, so small! I have a 7 pound dog. So I basically have an infant already and then this. This half infant baby. BUT HE IS SO CUTE! I cannot wait to spoil him rotten because how can you not?!

      Heartbeats are pretty amazing. And yes. I do already have my hands full and I've still got 5 months to go!