Wednesday, November 28, 2012

bby kicks

i was kind of maybe being a whiny baby since i hadn't felt any real kicks yet. and my belly button is almost an outtie. i don't think that's a fair trade.

but then i started feeling lots of kicks. those little baby legs sure are strong. and even evan got to feel last night. he fell asleep but i laid in bed laughing every time i pressed on a foot and that foot would press back.

and then this morning while i was getting ready, more kicks and pushes and movement. little babe is stretching out all big in my tiny belly.

i love that evan finally gets to feel it. my friend allison (who is also pregnant) said that this is the best moment because i get to watch him turn into a dad.

but, i've already seen it. like when he primed the nursery and first helped me unhoard all of my things. or when he sits on the babies r us website with me to find the perfect car seat. or when he walks through the baby clothes at target and we play the "who can find the cutest outfit" game (i always win because tutus trump everything). or when he sits at barnes and noble reading through a bajillion baby name books trying to find thee name. or when we talk about our childhoods so that we can figure out the best way to raise our baby. i love him. a lot. this sure is one lucky babe to get to have that man as its dad.

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  1. this made me all teary, it sounds like your man's going to be a truly incredible dad, wow. :) wishing so many happy thoughts to your growing fam!

  2. awwww baby kicks are the best! Judah didn't move as much as other babies, would freak me out till my nurse told me that boys move less. But when he did move it made my day. I loved when he hiccuped! Also every morning I would feel this back and forth movement and after he was born I realized it was him moving his head side to side, he does that when he is really sleepy or when he wakes up :-)

    1. Boys move less, huh?! Crazy! I did not know that! I feel like there is a lot of movement in there, maybe a girl then?! Hahaha I haven't felt hiccups yet...that I know of. But I am pretty sure I can tell the difference between hands and feet and that rolling movement is crazy feeling. And little Judah's head when he's tired?! Ahhh! So sweet!