Tuesday, November 27, 2012

21 weeks, again

we had our halfway ultrasound this week. you know, to rule out twins and find out the baby's gender. first, the guy was kiiiiind of a creep. he made me change into a gown and then covered me with a blanket and he goes, "here, let me tuck this into your undies." let me do that? and also don't call them that. i specifically told him that we did not want to find out the gender and so he didn't even look. hopefully all parts are there and in working order. we both saw.....something....and looked at each other at the same time but in case you didn't know, neither of us have our degrees in ultrasound technology. so. we could be wrong.

he also didn't give me a print out picture which i'm super duper bummed about. he gave me a CD. to "print as many pictures as i want." "to hang in my garage." i'm telling you. it was weird. also, since it's just as easy to put one picture on a CD as it is to put 15, why wouldn't you just put 15? he gave me 3. the first one is a scary skeleton baby head. the second is a perfect little baby head with the cutest nose (my nose, evan says, because it's pointy. uhhh....) and the third is this horrible horrible picture of TWO HEADS. because the baby (singular) must have been moving and caused a shadow or some sort of fancy double exposure and it looks like two heads. ha ha, very funny mr. creepy tech.

you guys, that is not my nose. it's super cute, my that's not my nose. ultra sound pictures are so sketch.

anyway. i had to have a full bladder but mine was too full. and i was soooo uncomfortable. especially because the bathroom was immediately next to the waiting room and all i could hear was the flushing toilet. i don't know how i didn't pee my pants. but he made me empty my bladder half way. even crueler than having a full bladder! evan was all, "can you do that?" but i did it. and then the baby swam around all happy because it could move again and wasn't being compressed by like 100 ounces of liquid. poor kid.

and we looked at all the important parts like the head and the kidneys and bladder ("these are kind of hard to see if you're not used to looking for them." yes, thank you. that's why you're here, homie.) and measured the leggity legs (barely over 2 inches for the thigh bones) and the baby went night night. and while it was asleep, it had it's hand up by its face. LIKE ME. JUST LIKE ME! not sucking its thumb, but just using that arm as a pillow or light blocker or something. AH! but because the baby was asleep we didn't get any good pictures of its spine.

so at like 4, as i'm sitting at my desk all happy and excited about seeing my baby babe, the nurse calls me to say that 1. i'm measuring super small. that my due date, according to the ultrasound should be april 6, not march 30. but my doctor doesn't want to change the date just yet. but that puts me at 21 weeks, not 22. 2. that the bby is measuring super small. that it should be at least a pound by now and it's barely 14 ounces. those ounces may not be much but we need every one we can get. oh, that's the 11th percentile, btw. 3. they need to see the spine.

that last part scares me. but i have an appointment next week so i can say, can you not call me and freak me out like that again? on the bright side, i get to have another ultrasound in a month and i'm going to demand a picture.

but until then, here's just another picture of me. in a non-maternity dress. and non-maternity leggings. HOLLER. oh, and i braved a belt! stripes make me look more pregnant. luckily everything i own is basically stripes. also we had a blizzard also i wore a real coat just not for pictures. in other news:
/we both had baby dreams over thanksgiving break. in both our dreams: GIRL. hahaha in mine evan had the ultrasound and she was wearing a tutu. in evan's she had a full head of hair and wore a bow.
/evan was being rude and told me i was going to have a 16 pound baby. so i didn't talk to him for like 5 minutes.
/all i want is to be alone. alone with evan. i have this weird thing going on where i cannot go out and i do not want to go out and i do not want to be around other people. i mean, i want to be around my friends but i'm like, i just want to be alone. which, apparently, is super rude of me. but you try and cook a baby inside of your body for a few months and see how friendly and inviting you are!
/i went to bed at 8:00 on monday night. and evan left this gem on my facebook for me to find the next day and bawl my eyes out because can you even?

you cannot. he is too sweet. minus when he tells me the kid is going to be 16 pounds. but this totally makes up for that. and pregnancy did kick my butt. minor melt downs over whether evan should pick up groceries or come home and pick me up? what is that even? that is early bed time and like 11 hours of straight sleep.

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  1. Your post reminded me of when I had my 3D sonogram (the one that we paid allot of money for bc it was extra and not covered by insurance) the tech was horrible and couldn't get a good read, I guess she just graduated and I was one of her first clients. I left crying and Scott who was trying to "encourage me" on the drive home told me that Judah looks like George Washington. I cried because I thought George Washington was ugly and that he was calling our baby ugly. But Scott made it better that night by pulling up all kinds of presidents up on the Internet and then photo shopping my face next to them so we could see the resemblances. Seriously weird but funny.

    But your tech sounded extra weird. Don't they know that we as pregnant women are extra sensitive to weirdness? And I would have dropped kicked him if he tried to touch my panties.

    Praying for you and your little one. Im sure everything is going to be okay and yay for getting another sonogram. Maybe have your hubby video tape the appointment. (Scott also recorded Judahs heartbeat on his phone/he had to hide the phone and do it on the sly but I wanted to capture Judahs heartbeat) :-)
    PS your super adorable!

    1. i reallllllly really want to get that ultrasound but i doubt my insurance covers it either. boo. i totally agree. we are just super sensitive in general. and also to strangers. like hello, what are you doing all up in my business?! hahaha weird. at least evan was there and ready to take him down! ;]

      i can't believe scott thought judah looked like washington! so funny!

      thank you so much friend! appreciate it for ever and ever and ever! <3 <3 <3
      i love how they say that there are no phones allowed. or no pictures. i'm definitely going to make sure evan sneaks some recordings in! great idea! ;]

      and YOU are super adorable, miss. <3

  2. I love you.

    Pretty much thats it.

    OH. And - I laughed out loud at the TWO HEADS.


    1. Pretty much.

      Except also I love you.

      So that, too.

      TWO HEADS!

  3. I was the same way when I was pregnant, I just wanted to stay home with my husband or by myself even. Pregnancy is so exhausting, physically and emotionally and it just made me so unsocial. Enjoy it now though, there will be plenty of times when you can't wait to go out once the baby is a toddler ;) Cute blog!

    1. Exactly. Thank you for understanding and agreeing! Haha SOOO draining. And it's hard to explain to Evan without sounding like a selfish brat. But c'mon. Growing a baby here. Let me sleep. Hahahaha I know I need to enjoy these last few months of freedom but I want to enjoy them from my locked bedroom door. Ya know?

  4. haha 2 heads? how creepy.
    I still cannot believe you haven't found out what little baby is, and that a tech hasn't slipped up! Ah, I am so excited to find out! Are you going crazy not being able to buy things? Ah, you look so pretty momma!

    1. Seriously. I was like "WHAAAAA IS THAAAAA?" Just like that! Hahaha

      I am ready to karate chop the tech that messes up! But ours didnt even look! So no one knows. I am not going crazy yet but we haven't bought a single thing. So. That needs to change.

  5. You are so beautiful.
    I understand you being worried about what the nurse told you but I just KNOW everything is going to be okay. You're going to have a super baby - who isn't 16lbs. Hehe.

    When one of my friends was pregnant she didn't want to social either. I think it's normal and if people think you are being rude tell to eff off.

    I forgot to ask you//// did you want to baby to be a boy or a girl? I know it doesn't really matter because you'll love it no matter what gender, but I was just wondering if you were hoping for one in particular.

    1. Thank you sweet, sweet friend!

      I am going to take your advise and direct them to your comment. Hahaha because seriously.

      Soooo I kind of want a girl. I honestly don't care but I think a baby girl would be the sweetest thing. Bows and tutus and boots and glitter? AND PINK? Yessss. Hahaha Evan really really really wants a boy first. So. It doesn't matter to me because I can see either fitting in so perfectly. But I keep accidentally saying "she" this week. Everyone else says "he" and I say "she." Who knows. Only 5 more months of suspense!

  6. when i was pregnant with gage they gave me pictures. when i was pregnant with owsley i only got a cd. i was pretty bummed too. because i wanted to show my family an actual picture. like right then. so i definitely understand where you're coming from.