Sunday, November 11, 2012


twenty twenty twenty twenty weeks! halfway there! what the what what?! is what i think about that.

i'm still only feeling sporadic flutters and i'm getting very impatient over here to feel that first kick. i've been having horrible, horrible ligament pain on my left side and at our last appointment the baby was literally not even in my belly. it was like in my left side. she put the heart beat monitor sooo far over. i'm like oh. that is why my side hurts probably.

and i've been keeping track of all my cravings (which are the most random ever) and i had my very first gross craving last week: a bean burrito with sour cream. i HATE beans. beans are so gross. especially fast food beans. but omg i wanted one SO bad. evan was like, you are not going to like that so i refuse to get that for you. so i did not have one and the craving went away but maybe i'm still interested in trying one. i will probably hate it.

oh and it snowed. it snowed for an entire night and most of the next day and now we have like 6 inches of snow. it is cold. too cold. i like when it's snowing but then it stops and i'm like, ew. but that has nothing to do with being twenty weeks. except that my coat no longer fits and that is a large problem. my current solution will probably be to steal one of evan's until i decide how to approach this situation. i've heard that being pregnant is supposed to keep you warm and that is NOT true. i'm freezing always. i'm just debunking the world's greatest pregnancy myths over here, don't mind me.

i am laughing so hard at how this like the same picture as up there ^^^. HAHAH. except for belts are also known as the 4th stage of hell right now because my lungs and stomach are too compressed to have anything more compress them. so thank goodness for sheath dresses with no waists. because i can be as fat as i want in this dress. i'm sure that anthro really wants to hear that "this is my fat dress" about one of their dresses. so no one tell them. and then everyone go tell evan to buy me the hedgehog measuring cups because CAN YOU JUST? you can't. they're too perfect.

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  1. You are the cutest pregnant lady, ever! Seriously adorable. I agree with Evan, if you didn't like bean burritos before I don't think you will now, but who knows maybe the baby will like it.

    Can you believe that I've never seen snow? After all my trips to NY we were never there when it was snowing. That sucks, doesn't it? Maybe Wade & I can go somewhere that has snow this winter break.

    So, yeah that story had a point//// take more photos of snow por favor? Gracias. :)

    Definitely start watching American Horror Story and Ben and Kate which is on before New Girl. And yes Mumford & Sons is pretty good stuff. My sister keeps telling me to listen to Florence as well. Maybe I should just go ahead and do it.

    Since I know you rarely check your snail mail I just wanted to give you a heads up that something is on its way to you.

    1. This baby and it's crazy taste buds! I read an article that says the baby develops likes to the things you eat now, so eat smart! I was like.......thanks for sharing that with me after I had 6 McDonald's cheese burgers and an entire pizza. Jk. But Srsly. Hahaha

      Soooo excited for some snail mail! I will check my mail box religiously for the next while!

      Your sister is a smart girl! Listen to her! And me! And flo! Hahah (first name basis, we're BFF). I love her song "cosmic love" and the one from Snow White and the huntsmen! Check them out pretty lady!

  2. You are just too cute! Love all your adorable prego pics and your lovely face! I think it's hysterical that you're "debunking" prego myths, but it seems like you're having a great pregnancy! Yay!

    I do have to ask . . . have you guys settled on names? Totally don't have to tell what they are (since you're being surprised, YAY!!!), but I'm a total name freak--it started when I was like twelve, and has continued to only get worse. For our entire marriage, I have been hounding Chris for names, and we're not even planning yet . .. does this make me bizarre? Eep!

    The snow looks so pretty! I think it's so cool that you live in a place that has beautiful seasons!

    And that's so not a "fat dress"--it's a prego dress, there's a huge difference ;]
    And the hedgehog measuring cups? Too stinkin cute! He must buy them! He must!

    1. Thank you sweet Sarah! You're just too good to me! =]

      I think it's incredibly annoying when people are all, "you're going to be so hot and you're going to puke your brains out" and this and that and NOTHING has happened. Besides being tired and growing I don't feel any different than normal. So I guess that is good!

      We haven't picked out names yet. I know. Slacker central over here. So Evan wants it to be a boy who loves sports and so he's basically super into the lineup of the bears. And I'm into vintage names and names that sound cool and he just shakes his head at me 24/7. I'm just waiting for that name to pop out! I read every credit and random articles and am constantly looking. It's COMPLETELY diff when it's like for reals and not just a collection. Because I have a name collection, too, and now that this is for keeps I just don't know if I can commit! We haven't even discussed girl names yet. Oh boy. It's going to be nameless for 7 weeks while we stare at it and argue over names! Hahaha