Thursday, November 8, 2012

thanksgiving 001

stealing this idea from here.

i'm participating in the thirty days of thankfulness hashtag on IG because i need to be more thankful and gracious and humbled by the little things around me. and i need to not just post pictures of pretty things, but really, really find good things that bless me.

so here's my list 01/01--01/07:

[talking before sleep is my favorite part of the day.] 
 [this verse, amazing. but the entire chapter, really.]
[broccoli cheese, from scratch.]
 [the night circus//something, i have no idea.]
 [you have no idea how hard it is to take blurry pictures with the iphone.]
 [and our falls. and our wide open spaces.]
 [this hottie hot face. he's just too perfect. and we only have 2 lunch dates left before another schedule change that will free up 3 weeknights (praise the lord and pass the ammunition!) so that i actually see him for more than 4 hours monday through sunday. still mourning our lunch dates because i love them. also the beard returns but i'm so loving this scruff phase right now!]

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  1. hah beard growth. i love this thankfulness thing. it definitely makes you appreciate the little things. love you friend!

    1. It's the little things, Katie! Hahaha beard growth is a little thing that is also huge because clean shaven husband is not my favorite. ;] hahaha love YOU friend!

  2. I love this blog! Great things to be thankful for.


  3. I'm so glad you have so much to be thankful for because you are such an amazing person who deserves the best.

    I sound sappy, but I don't care. I'm feeling super emotional right now and since I cherish you so you get to experience what Danielle sappiness can truly be.

    I still need to write you back, notebook paper style, because your letter was the sweetest thing in the world. Wade was all lemme read it, lemme read it. :) We seriously need to live closer. I promise I'll write you soon. I have to!

    1. i love sappy, emotional danielle! so much! hahaha

      i'm going to go ahead and move to florida. i just decided. let me tell evan and we'll be there in t minus a week.

  4. This is just too cute! Love all of your pictures!