Thursday, November 15, 2012

thanksgiving 002

see part 1 here.

[foot massage and a facial.]
[from the warmth of my car.]
[sorry/not sorry for this repost. I'M EXCITED. and slash evan took a million pictures of me but i look 843 months pregnant in some of them which is not true. these are the only good ones. hence, twice.]
[except not thankful for being sick. but thankful for a free day off work.]
[baby blanket. PRIORITIES. also, it's going to be awesome.]
[from our weekend blizzard. biggest flakes ever.]

5 loves:

  1. I loved these photos.
    They make me happy to see that you are happy and thankful for these things.

    1. Me too. It's super good for me. Especially on cranky days. ;]

  2. This whole post is precious. I can't wait to see your baby blanket! HOW FUN!!!! EEEE!!!!

    1. ME TOOOOO. It's coming along but I have soooo much more to do. Good thing I have 19 more weeks to crank that bad boy out!