Monday, August 27, 2012

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/there are two types of people in this world: the type of people who put their grocery carts away; and the type of people who leave them in empty parking spaces and all over the parking lot to be in everyone's way. i hate those types of people. listen to me: grocery carts ARE NOT cars. i don't do confrontation (well, i didn't. it's sort of becoming my thing these days) and i NEVER see these type 2 losers. probably lucky for them.

/a story about how i now apparently love confrontation now: evan and i were on a mission at target. on a saturday. sorry for us. as we were pulling into a spot the person in the spot to the right started backing up all crazy and almost ran right into the front of my precious simon (that's my car). evan saw that look in my eye and quickly backed up and found us a new spot but not before i got a good look at that girl. i hunted her down in target and said, "excuse me, you need to learn how to drive." and she responded, "actually i know how to drive." "um, actually you don't. but thanks." and walked off. she was 1. on her phone and 2. like 2 feet taller than me. but go me. bring it on, everyone who needs to be confronted in my life. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. hah.

/my sister-in-law is pregnant! we are having a gender revealing party tomorrow night but more importantly I'M GONNA BE AN AUNTTTTT!

/can i jump on the peace out summer train? because i am. i've worn boots and tights and scarves and eaten soup and chili and i'm currently making stew because I. AM. JUST. THROUGH. with these 90+ degree days. if i dress for cooler weather i believe mother nature will hear me. can i also have fall but still keep all my maxi dresses and skirts? because i'm not ready to give those up yet. those are like jammies and pretty much the only thing getting me through my work week. and i've had mumford & sons on repeat for weeks now. and that is fall music, so....this girl is READY.

/i'm not in the mood to do an entire post dedicated to all the books i've recently read so here you go:  37. the road by cormac mccarthy (LOVED it.); 38. the fault in our stars by john green (before it was this summer's hottest book and let me tell you: it DESERVES that award.); 39. the contortionists handbook by craig clevenger (LOVED it. not what i was expecting OR my usual type of book. SO good.) 40. the marriage plot (liked it.) still reading about 500 other books and starting a new one tonight probs.

/from may 17 to october 1 of this year evan and i will have gone to 10+ weddings. we have gotten one thank you note. ONE! i'm not buying anyone else any wedding gifts. do people know that that is what you're supposed to do? if you're too cheap or too stupid to know this, then you're too young to be getting married.

/do you want to know the cutest wedding favors ever? WILD FLOWERS. but then somehow ours got lost/thrown away/misplaced. also, how cute is this packaging?! this wedding with the cute favors was my favorite. good friends, lots of laughs, favorite town, TONS of free things to take home. the bride totally fueled my wedding klepto by giving us 10 mason jars, a bird house and some little lanterns. i kind of love her.

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  1. oh no, i don't get why people get so rude in parking lots. there's plenty of spaces! and yay for your sister, you must be so excited!! i'm the oldest so i don't get to play with cute, squishy babies until i have my own :(

    1. exactly! but everyone wants that spot that's closest to the door. and i'm like, you're going to be walking around the store anyway, what's 10 more feet of parking lot?! good golly.

      and thanks! i'm so excited for her [and us.] =)

  2. I love that you hunted down the bad driver chick! Go you, Larissa! I'm cheering you on, hugely. And I'm glad that Simon is safe.

    Also, I put my grocery cart away. Every time. Promise.

    Also also, one thank you note so far? BALLS. UNACCEPTABLE.

    Also also also? I love soup. and BOOTS. BOOTS, come to mama.

    Also also also also; love weddings with free shit.



    1. ALSOOOOOO. I just love you. That one thank you is NOT okay. I know. Boots are my favorite thing ever. I CANNOT wait for boot season. Love love love. I'm proud of you for putting your cart away. I like you more knowing your not a loser. ;] hahaha

  3. Get out! You told that girl she couldn't drive!!??? You're crazy!!! And brave! And soooo cool. I tried that once, except it kind of backfired.. I offended a driver...I almost crashed into her cause I was obstructing the lane...Then, I saw her at Yogurtland..she was right. in. front. of. me.. So I figured this was the Lord's way of having me apologizing for being an idiot... So I said, "Hey.. Sorry about what happened in the parking lot.. I wasn't trying to be a jerk.." And she just gave me this, "Whatever. You're stupid.." look. So I proceeded to punch her in the face... JK! I wanted to. I should've said, "Yo lady! These two cups of froyo in my hands just saved yo' face." Never doing that again... People can think I'm a jerk. I don't care. Anyway.... What's with those brides not sending thank you cards.. That stinks.. Now that I think of it, I never got a thank you card for a wedding I just went to.. But that was last month, so I'm giving her till December..Is that enough time? Hmm.. And yes. I'm ready for fall...Except it's 90+ today.. But I can feel it coming in the air at night....Wait.. did I just quote a Phil Collins song??? Holy phil!But it's true! I can feel it! The air at night is crisp and stale..Or maybe it's just my heart beckoning fall.. COME FALL! COME!


    PS. I take my cart back 90% of the time.. If the cart thingy is too far I leave it some where safe where it's not in anyone's way.. Friends, still?

    1. JANETTE! NO! Hahaha I would yell at you! Can you imagine those poor, poor employees who have to go hunt down stray carts because you and 639274 other people left them in a safe place? I saw some guy leave it BEHIND a car the other day. Hopefully that person saw it before they backed up! What a douche. Hahaha its annoying because they roll and the parking lot fills up and there's no spots because carts.

      Ok end rant.

      I love those nights that get that cold chill. YES! No to Phil, I hate that song. Hahaha I'm also obsessed with your story! Way to be the bigger person. Bigger than her and bigger than me. I always have a tinge of guilt and then I'm like THEY DESERVED IT. The devil on my should wins. Hahaha oops.

  4. I refuse to leave my grocery cart in the parking lot. Especially, now when there are freakin' areas to put these rogue carts. I know some people say, "I'm being nice by leaving it there for another person". You people are sweet, but think about the jerks out there. You may think you are leaving it with the carts wheels cocked so it doesn't roll away and hit a car, but you are not taking into account the assholes who come along and move it and let it roll to wherever it pleases. Alright, my bitch session is over.

    I cannot believe you confronted that person inside Target//// um, go you! That's awesome.

    Yes to Fall, and scarves, a chili (jealous), a boots and cool weather and letting summer end!

    I am honestly disturbed that out of 10 weddings you only receive ONE thank you note. And I agree, if they don't know this common courtesy - they shouldn't be getting married.

    I sent thank you notes to everyone after our wedding... it was the first thing I did after we got back from our honeymoon. And I had A LOT!

    1. Hahaha I love your bitch session. And I totally agree. Just take the extra 5 seconds it takes to put your cart away. Or give it to someone going in. I love the people who move it to the little rock garden things we have but can't go the exact same distance to the stupid corral. Just please. Hahaha annoying.

      I totally did confront her. I am not afraid! Hah!

      Right?! I know. What they heck is wrong with people? We did ours as soon as we got our pictures back because I made a collage and then wrote on the back. I think it was about 2 months past our wedding which I felt horrible about, but at least they got out and were handwritten. And if I got any gifts before the wedding I made sure to send those thank you's right away because those can be easily forgotten. It's not brain surgery. You planned an entire wedding and you can't write a thank you? SHUUUUUT up.

  5. Yay! I'm not type 2! ;)
    Wow! Go you! I'm shocked! That girl was prob like what?
    Aunt Larissa! Has a nice ring to it!
    Girlfriend I've been on that peace out train for months! Let me know if nature listens so I can try that too! Also yes keep wearing maxi skirts maybe just add cotton tights to keep warm.
    Still need to read A Fault in our Stars! I blame my library for not having the ebook.
    No thank you notes? Geez! I do not understand that! Not in any universe.
    Ok but I'm loving the mason jar gift. Kinda makes up for lack of thank yous.

    1. THANK GOODNESS! hahaha she was probably shocked but also maybe not because rude people are just used to shit like that. ;] hahaha

      let's make this summer PEACE OUT already! if so many people are all about fall, then why isn't it here already?! mysteryyyy.

      those mason jars EVEN HAVE HANDLES. they're like meant to be glasses. oh happy day!

  6. - thanks for your sweet and encouraging comment :] Made me smile.
    - HATE people who just leave carts. I will walk across a parking lot to put mine away. Drives me BATTY when people just leave them out and about. I mean, really, how RUDE and lazy are you????
    - Your confrontation story is the best. Haha! I don't think I could walk up to random strangers and tell them the truth they need to hear. I just kind of fume silently and give them dirty looks ;]
    - OMG CONGRATS!!! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your aunthood! That's so much fun! Yay!
    - Fall needs to hurry up and get here . . . actually, I just need to move somewhere that actually has a fall. Because it's going to stay in the 90s here until November . . . and, if we're lucky, it will hit the 70s . . . maybe ;] Oh Fall, you're my favorite!
    -The Road is one of my favorites! Beautiful story! I need to add it to my permanent collection. Just adore it!
    -So. Many. Weddings. I haven't been to one since my own. No lie. So fun that you get to go to so many! How awesome!
    -Those favors ARE the cutest! enjoy them!
    Have a simply smashing weekend!

    1. you make me smile. i love your book, i mean comment. ;]

      i am all about telling random strangers what they need to hear! i think if more people did this random strangers wouldn't be such idiots! [like the man driving down the street today slamming on his breaks. except he didn't have break lights and after i almost ran into him so did about 3 other people.]

      you are almost about to move to a fall place! are you so excited! i don't know how you did it for so long with those humid summers that last 12 months of the year! that is just nonsense, sarah! nonsense!

      i'm so glad you loved the road, too! isn't it just heartbreaking?! i wanted to know what happened! suspense! so good. just, good.

      i can't believe you haven't been to a wedding since your own! that is craaaceee! i clearly have been to enough for the both of us so i'll share some of this madness with you!

  7. there is actually a third type of person that you left out: the type that refuses to use a grocery cart no matter how many groceries she knows she needs to get and no matter how heavy the items in her arms become........i am that third type. haha. no need to worry about grocery carts, i do my weightlifting at the supermarket ;)

    i keep wearing leggings and boots and scarves and trying to pretend its not colder out....soooo not working. haha
    can we all figure out some sort of ancient autumn dance that we can do to bring the cool weather in already? i would so be down with that, haha!

    congrats to your sister btw!

    1. you are so cute! i am that 3rd person when i'm carrying my stuff inside! i have like 34 bags on each arm and a jug of milk and a case of soda and 3 other things that don't fit in bags in my hands and i still manage to open the door and haven't lost a finger yet! who says you need multiple trips?! hah!

      i am 150% on board with this ancient autumn dance. let's do a rain dance while we're at it!