Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weekend roundup

this weekend was......waaaay too many things all at the same time. fun, uncontrollable laughter, stress, tears, anger, sadness...i don't even know. too much too fast. it's been built up since the beginning of summer when we found out that our friends would be getting married on the 2nd and i have been waiting for this weekend ever since then. i had a lot of mixed feelings about it because evan knew nothing about the wedding as the best man and he was the only person out of like 8 people who cared where we were supposed to stay and what we were supposed to eat. i was stressed just thinking about having to entertain myself for 2 days while evan did wedding stuffs. it's awkward when like all of your friends are part of the wedding and then there's you and you're not and so.....

the 8 of us (3 ushers, 3 groomsmen, 2 girls) rented a huge cabin for the 3 days. it was right at the base of the mountains [that you can't see because my sad state is on FIYAH] and surrounded by cows and running water. there was a cabin down the street with like 80 fiberglass animal status and one fake horse tied to a post that we named lightening. we even tried to go climb him and take a picture but then someone swore they saw the old man come out [with a shot gun of course] to chase us off. i didn't get my picture and i almost broke my face on the cattle guard. we BBQ'd on saturday night, ate approximately 3 cows between the 8 of us and played a rousing game of loaded questions where i was called sassy and opinionated. which is why those questions are LOADED.

i have this thing with streams and rivers and creeks. i HAVE to put my feet in them. the day of the wedding, while everyone was running around taking pictures and doing wedding things, i spent the afternoon wading in the creek and trying not to fall on the mossy rocks and trying to drop my precious electronics into the water. it was cold and refreshing and evan even drank out of it because he is a fearless boy who may have slight judgement issues except when it comes to me, because good judgement on that.

evan was thee most handsome best man i ever did see.  the groomsmen and groom all wore super hero shirts underneath their tuxes and took the most hilarious pictures with them. evan was batman because of his great impression of batman and/or bane.

i had too much fun at the reception, without any alcohol because i was being a big girl. while all the guys snuck off to the truck and the cooler full of drinks i was content with my rust flavored water and iced tea. but seriously it tasted like rust. and all those pretty lights make me want to string lights up in my backyard and have parties all the time. it is also really hard for people who are not used to DSLR cameras to take a picture with them. i even put it on auto and we are still blurry. i do not understand this issue.

and this guy, geoff. first his nipples kept popping out of the cut off shirt he was wearing the night before and i happened to be sitting next to him so i continually brought them up. so it was only fitting for him to don his groomsman vest and be as trashy as possible with me. also his new name for me is "la-ree-ree" which i'm not too sure how i feel about but it makes me laugh hysterically because he could possibly be one of the funniest people i know and therefore the only person who will not be slapped for calling me that. he also fished for me while dancing and i embarrassingly fish danced across the dance floor. i need to work on my interpretive fish dancing skillz, yo.

i need another 3 days to recover from my 3 day weekend. i woke up with half my voice missing because of the smoke and also screaming to the high school dance reception and also laughing so much. it's still half missing today but i secretly love losing my voice and i wish it would go all the way missing.

also notable: our cabin came equipped with the creepiest baby dolls ever made in the history of baby doll manufacturing. one baby HAD A LAZY EYE! i mean, equal opportunities for everyone and all, but seriously. CREEP CITY. we wandered around the house checking out all the rooms and when we went into the first bedroom there was a crib behind a wall with the two babies tucked in. everyone jumped and screamed a little because it was slightly terrifying. somehow the babies became prank status and i found them in the freezer holding beer, i snuck them into a suitcase, i found them in our shower, they were hidden in beds and behind doors and in their strollers and used as props with a kitchen knife and a beer. mostly we are 4-years-old but it was a constant good time. this is the stuff of horror movies. "it's lightening outside. do you want to go in the bedroom and look at the babies?"

i'm fairly certain our little cabin escapade will become a yearly thing. with a dance party at the cabin because i'm all about dance parties. i like these people a lot. i laughed harder than i've laughed in a long time and evan told me i'm one of the guys. thanks?

i'm thankful for weekends away that remind you how much you miss the people that live on the other side of the world and the other side of your country [our other friend joe went back to being a missionary over yonder on monday and that was sad for us and geoff lives in nebraska but should move back here asap to have more fun than should be allowed]. and i'm thankful for husbands who make sure that their sad little wives have something to do and someone to talk to and someone to sit with while they are unable to babysit me and hold my hand.

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  1. What an awesome crazy weekend! I love love love your photos by the stream! That is exactly where I would want to be! I'd probably bring a blanket and a book and set up day camp. So beautiful! and yes wading is always necessary! Always.
    Also I love that he was batman and that is theee cutest picture of you two! And I'm all for twinkle lights. Need some for myself too!
    That guy seem hilarious! Also I promise not too call you Lah-ree-ree. And fish dancing is probably the coolest ever. My bro and I used to do it all the time! So I'm convinced it's the best.
    Those babies would probably have me in tears! Crazy freaky! Hahaha!
    And Evan is such a sweetie! So glad it was a good weekend! :)

    1. I should have definitely brought along a camping chair and a book and say down out there. Instead I stood in it and almost fell like 97 times. Still refreshing.
      Isn't that the funnest idea ever?! There are some pictures of them fighting the ushers and they're so great. Batman forever. <333 hahaha

  2. "and evan even drank out of it because he is a fearless boy who may have slight judgement issues except when it comes to me, because good judgement on that."

    best. sentence. ever.

  3. This sounds like the best weekend EVER!!! Um the super-hero pics are the greatest! And the dolls? I couldn't sleep. Not at all. Dolls freak me out. All sitting there all plastic and porcelain with those creepy eyes and big frou-frou curls . . . no thanks. Not even a little bit. Creeps.