Saturday, July 7, 2012

best week;

i love this week. it has been such a breath of fresh air and i'm so beyond thankful for this exorbitant amount of time i've been able to spend with evan and all of the fun we've had over the past 5 days (and there's still one more AND we're celebrating our anniversary [part 1 of 2 obviously because we Go Big or Go Home around here]).

part of what was so great was my cousin's wedding on friday night. we roadtripped it to north dakota the morning of and had a dance party and lots of laughs on that 5 hour drive and made it just in time to pre-game the least dry wedding of the year with my aunts and uncles. my family is the coolest, i know.

and the wedding. the wedding was beautiful and my cousin's [the boy] wife was the most beautiful bride. also i love her and i wish they lived closer because evan and i want to be BFFs with them. [also i bit him when we were babies. oops.] but what was the best part were the pitchers of shots (root beer, red eye and apple pie [ND TRADITION!]) that were being passed around like candy. also the free kegs because i have seriously never had a bud light that tasted that good (WHO AM I?!). yes. that makes TWO north dakota weddings that we've been semi to definitely drunk at before we've even sat down for dinner. i kind of like this tradition so all my engaged friends had better listen up.

but no seriously. like 6 shots later........also because i'm me i brought along an entire bottle of strawberry margarita (that i mixed, not that wussy baby pre-mixed stuff. i mixed it before hand in my hotel room, and by that i mean evan dumped half a bottle of tequila in my strawberry margarita mix.) that i snuck in in a flask. and yes that is the hotel ice bucket. evan revealed to my entire family that i turn into a klepto at'm kind of a klepto at weddings.

you guys. i am a good time.

evan and i danced for like 4 hours straight. IT WAS SO FUN. there were some obvious breaks when the polka came on because evan and i DO NOT polka. but we do interpretive dance "call me maybe" and do our own version of the two-step slash ballet slash sing at the top of our lungs to every cheesy love song and we rap battle "baby got back" because hello, we are a good time.

it was so much fun celebrating with my family and having free drinks and being absolutely ridiculous on the dance floor with my husband. i loved every minute of it. also i ordered a bloody mary because that sounded soo good and the bartender was all, "what's in a bloody mary? vodka and....." WUT. get out, i said. GET OUT. evan had to hold her hand while she made my drank and then i promply spilled most of it on myself. so. she also said to me, "you need to come here more often and continue ordering all these fancy drinks so we get practice." a bloody. mary. she even had the mix! i didn't ask for a cosmo, lady! my aunt came back from the bar once with a BROWN fuzzy navel. like, diet pepsi colored. seriously, that place.

and we spent saturday morning at my grandparent's farm hanging out and drinking more beer and making fun of my mom's NorDakotuh accent because she only has that accent when she goes home and oh me oh my it is so great. it's real flat up there but that place sure is comforting. i cannot wait for the next least dry wedding. and by that i mean, no wedding is dry when evan and i are invited. ;]

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  1. I'm glad you had such a great time.
    You seem like THE BEST person to hang out with.
    Live closer to me, please?

    & homemade margarita? YES!!!

    Do your grandparents still not have a TV? ;)

    1. Danielle, I am. I am the best person to hang out with. I am a good time. That's my motto. I literally go up to people and say, "hi. I'm Larissa and I'm a good time." hah!

      Moving to Florida, now. Brb.

      Also, yes. There is finally tv up there BUT NO CELL SERVICE. It's always something.

  2. Hahahahaha.

    I am a good time.
    Because seriously. WE are a good time.

    1. It's the truth! I only speak the truth!!!

  3. This does look like the best week! I kinda wanna have a good time with you guys in the near future because Srsly.....the evidence is all right here! Looks so fun!

    1. FOR REALS. Let's hang out. Wanna be friends?