Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i'm sick and i don't like carson daily.

the past 3 days have been a waste of my lifeeee. i contracted the flu. the damn flu. i probably would have been able to beat it within a reasonable amount of time (as in, 3 seconds) if it weren't for stressful situations combating my life (to which i say, STFU. thank you.) and inhaling a large quantity of cement while helping my parents do some yard work slash cement mixing. so i think mostly my stomach is made up of cement and that is not fun.

i don't know. i'm sick. that's all. i've spent the last 3 days trying to sleep, trying to not puke my intestines out, trying to not yell at evan for nothing and watching approximately a hundred episodes of jersey shore (CABS A HEYUH). umsoyeah. fun.

it's really annoying that this happens on april 1-3, like ruin my month why don't you, and also on my eat-in-only month. because um, we ordered pizza tonight because 1. we have negative amounts of food in this house and 2. that was the only thing that sounded good. and eat-in-month was my idea, therefore, i can bend the rules when i feel it's appropriate: such as being sick and needing pizza.

and today, when i woke up to decide i wasn't going to work, i could not for the life of me fall back to sleep. i kept being on the verge, and dreaming, but then i'd wake up. then. THEN. when i was finally finally finally asleep, the stupid fire alarm battery decided to be low and beep beep beep every minute. of course. i shot it with a shot gun and slept until like 3.

however, evan did get some really, really exciting news today!!! he's starting an internship at our church in may with the part of our church that goes to ethiopia (and the philippines! and brazil!) and we've been waiting to hear if he got that for months. and months. and months. even longer than i waited for my letter! and he did! YAAAY! it's so very exciting that we both get to start our lives in areas that we're both so very passionate about. and i get to finally share it because holding it in is like a burp you just have to let out in church. HA.

so i guess being sick isn't all bad when you get good news like that. hopefully i have no more stressful situations this week, but i have a 10-step approach on lock down, just.in.case. but i really cannot deal with that. no mo'.

oh. on another note, does anyone watch the voice? do you think carson daily is the most annoying, obnoxious host there ever was? the entire 6 hours that show airs (which, in and of itself is a waste of my time, i mean come. on. if they didn't spend half the episode doing 10 minute flash backs to everyone and their dog.......and what the heckfire was Cee Low wearing this last episode? i can't even.) all i do is make fun of carson daily pushing people off the stage and telling people when to stop talking. i cannot stand him. like, who are you anyway? you hosted TRL for like 3 minutes and now you host this TV show? go back in your hole and stay there until i say you can come out. and christina is so dramatic and snooty and i want to cut the dreads out of naia ketaaaay's hurr. dreads are fine until they drag on the ground. then they're not.

sick larisaa is sick. but she's still as fiesty as ever. because watching jersey shore makes me want to fist fight. and so yeah. bring it, carson.

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  1. Oh man! I hope you feel better and soon. It sounds like your cold is awful. Poor thing. At least you got some 'za. That's always good. :)

    Congrats to Evan! That's awesome.

    I haven't watched the voice yet, but I have always loathed C. Daily.

    In response to the comment you left on my "loner" post:
    The whole drama thing is so true. I disconnected myself from those types of people awhile ago and I am loving it. It was a process, but I made it. I definitely understand the whole "not needing alone time once meeting your spouse".

    And also, to make this post EVEN longer////
    I am on instagram now. Thanks to IG becoming available for Android. Now we can follow each other... my name on there is: danirenosidda.
    I cannot wait to follow you!

  2. @danielle-you are so, so sweet! Thank you! I'm glad you agree about Carson daily. He's the worst. Hahaha also I'm about to just disconnect from it and I can already imagine the ways my life will be so. Much. Better. I'm glad you can finally have IG! Hoorrrayy!

  3. LOL at your Pauly D quote. Aren't Pauly and Vinny the best couple? :-D

  4. @wendy-hahaha yes!!! I love pauly.

  5. oh no, i hope you feel better soon. that is just the worst. but i guess you at least have pauly, snooki, and the rest of the gang to keep you company. ha.
    ohh carson daily, he does bring me back to the old school TRL days when the biggest drama was if nsync or backstreet boys were going to be number 1 on the video charts. haha
    xo TJ

  6. Um. If you don't like the show don't watch it? Complaining is just as annoying as you claim all the people on the show are.

  7. Hey anon. Way to hide because you're scared of what? Being rude? No one wants your negativity and THIS IS MY BLOG SO I'LL WRITE WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT. Also, I happen to love the show and hate Carson daily. That's my perog, and so you can shut YOUR annoying little mouth. BYEEEE.

  8. Oh man! I've been out of the loop. Sickness is no bueno. Hope you are better!
    And I thought I was the only one! I don't get why he is the host at all, but then again I can't stand Ryan Seacrest or that Nick Cannon kid. Cat Dealy is the only one I ever liked! She should teach classes or something. ;)