Friday, March 30, 2012

dear march;

i'm not your biggest fan. this is two years in a row we've not gotten along great. and that's okay, because you can't win them all, but i'll die trying. i'm not going to blame you and say it was 100% your fault and 100% horrible. because there were some good times like when we got our brand, spankin new washer and dryer and my dad insisted on pretty much carrying them down the stairs himself and didn't yell at me one time; or like the time when i got accepted into grad school (didn't watch my vlog, huh?); or the time evan and i decided that we eat out too much and we're having a month fast and i'm going to loose 15034 pounds right before my birthday (what. the. heck. how is it almost may already?!); or how i made some new friends and joined a club (and vlogged about that, too. hahaha); or when i read a bunch of really, really good books; or when evan surprised me with disney on ice tickets.

so yeah. you were OK, but you really went out like a lion in my life, and i just can't have you do that any longer. i swear i'll skip you next year if you continue to piss me off like that.

but for reals. was march weird for anyone else? it was so fast and so slow at the same time. don't ask me how that's possible, but it is.

other notables:
 i ate brussel sprouts. i loved them. poor step child vegetable.
 march art project. thrifted. spray painted. picture. i love it.
 we almost got this dog. ha. hahahaha how crazy are we? too much cray. that's how much.
 it was legit summer almost.
 we had another episode of hilarity during sleep, except this time it was me. woke myself up at 5:00 am laughing hysterically about my dream: "you always say, 'she hits me. she hits me with her eyes.'" i'm so funny i can't even. just please.
prettiest pretties. everyone else is posting pictures of their blooming plants and mine are only growing taller and taller and taller and not having any blooms. so depressed.

so, i'm pretty ready for april around these parts.

4 loves:

  1. haha. cool pictures. how cute is that dog?!
    and really love your art-project and that you like brussel sprouts (they really earn a little devotion). A cool blog you've got here. New follower! :)

  2. @nora- thanks girl! Unfortunately we have 2 dogs already. Our house would be a crazy, scary mess of hair and dirt if we got a third! And Brussel sprouts are amazing. Those and artichokes were new to me this month and I'm a fan!

  3. March has been that way for me too. You had a lot of exciting things happen though, so it's definitely been good.

    & Yeah, let's switch locals. I love my little town, it's just the heat come summer!

  4. Cute photos! Your March art project is adorable!