Thursday, March 15, 2012


my washer has a theme song, the one from pyscho in the shower? i've never actually seen the movie, so i might have just made that up, but i do know about the song. and that's the song my washer has chosen to sing to us as it not-so-gently attempts death-by-strangulation as it wraps pant legs and sweater strings and tights around it's middle washer thingy. it's terrifying. and annoying. and i'm just waiting for the day i open the lid to a mass array of dead clothes that have holes and shreds and are torn to bits by this awful machine.

i do not want a washer for my birthday.

but that's not the point. (i've always wanted to say that, i love when people say that.)

the point is....i am a machine, a reading machine.

29. Up from the Blue by Susan Henderson
i give this book five million stars. i loved it. hands down, one of my favorite books i've ever read. you know when you're reading but you're like really, truly invested in the characters? THIS. i bawled at the end. i felt so many things. like not wanting to ever read another book because nothing would compare, to punching susan henderson in the mouth for not having more books for me to read, to finding another book to read because i couldn't possibly stop now. i yourselves a favor, and read it. (if you have an iphone, download the free kindle app and check out the sample FOR FREE).

30. A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson

"amazon thinks you would love this book so hard." amazon selections lies. lies for dayz. i'm on the fence. it could have probably been good, and i could have probably really liked it. but let me give you some direct quotes: "Roger is my chip daddy, oh, yeah, holler." or this lovely text conversationg: " 'R U DED?' 'Sorry, big fite. i am full of lose. pool > willow.' 'meet me in your treehouse.' 'school fool.' 'skip.' 'helz 2 the no.'" junk like that through the entire book. i skipped entire paragraphs because that was highly unnecessary. and the chip daddy? OMGwtf. does this joshilyn jackson actually think people talk like this?! do people talk like this? my gosh. the world is going to end. um yeahhhh, i don't recommend. unless that doesn't bother you. and random, highly improbable off the wall stories are right up your alley. then eat 'er up. however, i did like this quote, "she's so in love it eats away her oxygen." if i can come away with a quote or two that blow my mind, then it's not a total loss. and i really liked that one. so nice try, joshilyn, nice try.

31. The Pact by Jodi Picoult

i've been reading jp ever since i was in highschool. she's my favorite. somehow i skipped over this one a million times and picked the ones i didn't like very much (picture perfect, 10th circle, keeping faith...) but this one? THIS ONE. probably my favorite jp book to date. it comes highly recommended. along with kleenex and a lot of time because you probably won't want to put this one down. i read it in probably 3 days and it's 451 pages. also, i come away from her books with like a million quotes, my last "this is love" post? from this book. i just....can't. she's amazing. this book is amazing. that is all.

32. 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult
i always passed over this one, too, because i don't like the cover. lesson learned. also a lesson: if you're a snobby cover judger like me, try the kindle. you don't even SEE the cover when kindle suggests things to you. sometimes, good books have crappy covers. i know, i know. WEIRDDD. this book was about nothing i imagined it to be about. also, a similar (but completely different at the same time?) situation happened in my town recently and it just puts everything into perspective. because, she's really good at making you be on the "wrong side." this one was similar to the pact and we almost had another johnathon tropper incident, but i love jp too much. she used the two of the exact same characters from the pact in this book. and even referenced the main character. but it was different and amazing and sad and beautiful.

i'm kind of the worst at reading one book at a time. if you couldn't tell. i'm still reading strength in what remains,  and how to read the air. i'm also now reading the lovely bones  and the history of love. someone should probably diagnosis this ADD and get me some ritalin.

i'm really weird and when people hype things up for me i kind of don't like them as much. which is probably why it's taking me forever to read the history of love? i don't know. it's not what i expected and the print is so weird on the kindle. basically, i have issues. also, the movie bridesmaids? was expecting much more humor. wasn't as funny as i expected. (except the part at the beginning where they're eating in the cafe. OMG. died. i do that to evan all.the.time.) i just need people to not talk about media, like ever, around me, and we'll be good.

i went thrifting last weekend and checked out the book section. left with five next to new books for under 10 dollars. it's like borders is closing all over again! i should be set on books for the next month, but i probably won't finish any of my current reads, and i'll have added to that stack by about 30. whatevs.

3 loves:

  1. Washing-Machine Pyscho - The Movie

  2. Hello there! Where do you go thrifting? Because I am in serious need of a new book and hate spending $18 on one book...also, will be downloading up from the blue onto my phone as soon as I'm done writing this message. Gracias. :)

  3. I couldn't agree more with your review of Up From The Blue. It raised the bar on what a book needs to be for me...I, too, balled at the end and wanted to just start back at page 1, but I needed to soak in it for awhile.