Friday, March 9, 2012

 lately, lately i've really been loving the sky. that's where the sun comes from. and the stars at night. and the prettiest sunrises and sunsets; although, i'll admit i've been missing the sunrises due to some much needed beauty sleep. it's where a brand new day begins, and will eventually end. it's promise and hope, all rolled into one. i love the clouds and the colors and the movement. you blink and it's already changed to something new. maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere? 
  someday i think i might like to try falling through the clouds. it's a bit terrifying, and even just the thought makes my heart rise to my throat and pound in my ears, but i think i might like that.


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  1. Those photos are amazing.
    I haven't seen a sunrise in quite some time... I think I may have to soon.

    In response to your comment; I do still plan on making the pillow. I just need to start soon... Hah!

  2. Thanks Danielle! I'm having so much fun with photo editing. =] we need to have a pillow making party or something! I think
    I'm going to make some bright orange and yellow
    Crazy ones for my den.

  3. I would love to have a pillow making party with you, Larisaa. Just fly over to Florida so we can get started. I know you need a break from the cold////

  4. You and me both sister! I have a deep deep love of the sky! Especially on rainy days...or toy story cloud days. Yep...those are the best!

  5. Love this, beautiful girl.
    You should def try falling through the clouds, one of my most favorite memories. :]

  6. Oh your pictures are sooo dreamy! I love clouds.. Seriously.. I could stare all day.. That fluffy cloud game? I'm like an olympic champion at that.. And I agree that there's a lesson to be learned...Maybe that life is fleeting and God doesn't want us to take our present moments for granted??? yeah, I'm going to go with that!


    Janette the Jongleur

  7. @danielle-be right there!
    @amy-oh gosh, agreed. I could watch the clouds for dayzzz
    @amber-once you're certified you can take me. I'm so terrified of it. But I want to try it!
    @janette- good call on the lesson. =] it's a hard one to learn. Xo

  8. beautiful pictures! I´m really into sky too, day or night(well the best night experience is always far from the city so I cant really enjoy that often... but still)