Saturday, January 7, 2012


like i said, i am SO excited for this year. i am devoting this year to my marriage and relationship with evan. i just love that man so much. when a million people did the "twelve dates of Christmas" date party i wanted to join in but we were so insanely busy over the holiday season with moving in, working, and just life in general, i decided to make up for it in 2K12.

with FIFTY TWO dates. fifty two of 'em.

so we had our first tonight. in the future, we plan on drawing these out of a really neat jar i thrifted last week for this exact purpose, but because i have a case of the lazies, i haven't written all our ideas out on paper yet. but in the future, we're going to draw these and be surprised. but tonight, we picked a simple date to start us off.


 so much fun. we tried a new restaurant called "fancy sushi." it sounds sketch, right? but no. SO good. we got this shrimp tempura roll and we both died a fabulous death of yum. we even had tempura ice cream (we srsly love tempura, obviously) but i forgot to take it's picture before we devoured it (and died for the 85th time).

also? i taught evan how to use chopsticks and then he dropped the ginger in his water. pretty successful night.

i so very love this man. and i am so very excited for this year.

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  1. Oh wow! I really love this whole pick a random date out of a jar idea! Sounds lovely..However I think it would not work for Lovey and I...we would keep picking one until we found one we wanted instead of just going with the first one..You know what I mean? Hahaha! Wishing you and your love a very happy new year full of love and magical moments!

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. Loving your new blog makeover! So SO SO nice!

  2. Janette- we have things in there that will ony work during certain times so we plan on being flexible. They are all fun fun things so I don't think well have any problems. =]

  3. DUDE I love sushi too, and I had it on a date last night....twins?!? I think so.

    The one date a week thing and the date jar is SUCH a good idea. Love it.

  4. Wade and I love sushi too! I am so glad you had such a nice date and what a cute name for a sushi restaurant.

  5. @katie- we are twins!. I bet your sushi was better because I'm sure it was fresher. Mt sushi is kinda sketch. I ignore that part. And did you see my adorable jar on IG? I'll post a picture on here soon if you didn't. In. Love.

    @danielle-yayaaay! More sushi lovers! It's such a fun atmosphere in sushi bars.

  6. That sushi looks way better than the sketch $1 a plate place we go to. My husband and I are sooo cheap :)

  7. @Kira-ahhh! $1 a plate?! oh man. have you ever gotten sick? i'm so paranoid about stuff like that. once my husband bought sushi from our chain grocery store and got really sick. so i just leave it to the pros. haha

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  9. I love this idea! But I don't think we could manage a date every single week. . . unless you count laying around & doing nothing & taking 4 hour naps as a date. THEN I think we could manage :D

  10. @courtney- we picked a ton of things that are easy to do every week so that we didn't have to get all elaborate and crazy. Because I know it's easy to just lie around and sleep and watch tv. TRUST ME. So we're pushing ourselves =]