Wednesday, January 11, 2012

life according to my phone

1/our adorable little "date" jar. 2/the most amazing painting i thrifted a few weeks ago. 3/mista fox by my blog bff katie. i love him and i cannot wait to build my mantle around him because he's he perfect little centerpiece. 4/my new iphone case that only took 3 weeks to get to me. BEWARE OF SOCIETY 6.

1/leopard jams. 2/most beautiful bow from nelsonnnnnnnnn. this girl is amazing, ya'll. 3/me wearing the beautiful bow. why is my hair that color? why am i yellow? so many weird things about this picture. just look at the bow that you can only halfway see, and ignore me. 4/my bedroom light. i could stare at it forever and ever amen.

1/gloom&doom. 2/evan tossing our little cheerleader pup in the air. she is not a fan. 3/flat. 4/caught the most amazing sunset on my way home one night that made me catch my breath. this picture does it no justice. 

*oh, and seriously, society 6 has just about the rudest customer service ever. they lost my order, lied about it, and made a huge deal about me being upset about it. i don't see where i'm in the wrong when it's your job to ship my junk to me. it's too bad, too, because i'd much rather support artists than MBMJ or Kate Spade or whomever....but not if they can't get their junk together to get me my junk in a reasonable amount of time. now i have to use this sweet iphone case and be reminded of how mad i am at its seller. lameeee. i think the cuteness will overshadow that in a few days, don't worry.

3 loves:

  1. Love your date jar and that painting is just awesome! I think I need a hat like that!
    And that fox = TOO CUTE!
    But I seriously adore that pic of your puppy! Ha! My husband does that to our pup too.
    Bummer about Society 6. They sell so many cute cases.

  2. @amy- little tiny dogs are just so fun to throw around ;) haha I want her hat, too! It's ridiculously huge and so much fun.

  3. The picture of the pup makes me happy.