Tuesday, December 6, 2011


yesterday evan and i got ourselves an early Christmas present: a gym membership. we always say we're going to go run, or work out, or eat better. and we don't. every week i make excuses as to why my clothes fit tighter and tighter. "oh, they shrunk a little in the washer." um, no, larissa. it's probably the taco bell you ate 13 times last week. (kidding. if i ate taco bell 13 times in a week, i'd need an intervention.)

but,so we got a gym membership. i ellipticalled for about 70 minutes last night and tonight i'm going to bike.

it's nice. and quiet. and clean. i have to pay for it so therefore i have to use it. i don't know if that mentality works for anyone but me, but evan signed us up for an entire YEAR. holy molasses. that is 600 dollaroos! so. that is a LOT of taco bell i will be working off instead of consuming.

i know once i get past the first 2 weeks (goal: go once a day for 14 days) i'll be good. andplus? since evan and i both got a membership, i have a work out buddy. andalso? i read 16% of the way through my new book last night. reading on the elliptical is a lot easier than it sounds. and i don't have earphones or an ipod that works so my work out life will be sound-less TV and/or reading. NOT: staring at the count-down-till-i-can-get-off-this-whore-machine-clock.

i just want to love my body again. i miss my daily ice skating work outs because that was a damn good work out. my core was so toned and my muscles were so lean. and i don't think i had an ounce of fat on my body. (dear past larissa, don't ever stop ice skating. thanks, future larissa.) seriously. if i could just get a membership to the rink and do that daily, oh man. i'd never leave.

and since you can't just work out and then go eat like crap, we also grocery shopped for the first time in ages last night AND thus begins my month of NO. FAST. FOOD.

currently: exhausted, and loving it.


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  1. what gym??? And good for you! you rock!!!

  2. good for you guys!
    Not eating fast food is the hardest thing to do when you first get off it. Now I get seriously disgusted every time I think about eating fast food.
    You should post before/after pictures! :)

  3. @Katie- ahhhhh!!!! that is terrifying! i will post before and after pictures when i reach my "AFTER." =]

  4. Good for you! I wish I could work my butt off on an elipitical. I haven't done that since I moved out of town. One day when I get my dream home I will have a gym with an eliptical. And, my hubby started taking lunch to work instead of eating out, and he said after just 6 days, he already feels better! Good luck :)

  5. hey! I know how you feel... totally using "my pants srunk in the dryer" and I threw my own little fit because I am sick of food and eating the stuff that I know I shouldnt but doing it any way... and then having Dave drag me to the gym... I am a child haha.... I hope you start feeling better and seeing the results to motivate you to keep it up!!.

    PS... what gym did you choose?

  6. Yaaaay! I'm happy for you! =] Can you please force me to the gym with you since you got a membership where I have one?! I hope your motivation sticks with you! (Mine never ever does...) =[