Wednesday, December 7, 2011


today i am unhappy. every 3 or so days i get into this unhappy rut where i just wallow in self pity which turns into anger and lash-outy-ness at everyone and thing around me.

seriously, not pretty.

i'm upset because i feel useless at my job. i am unmotivated and bored. it's not my passion. it's not my dream. it's not where i want to be right now.

i'm upset because there are still a million boxes waiting to be unpacked, rooms to be painted, junk to be put away, garbage to take out, and stuff to donate. tell me, when in a 9 hour work day am i supposed to finish that? the only things that have been 100% knocked off my list are: the laundry and the dishes. oh, and our furniture is here. it's not in it's forever location, but it's here.

i'm upset because i haven't gotten husband time in forever. i want just one freaking second where we're not rushing to the next place we have to be, where we can just be quiet and be together.

i'm upset because i made the best Christmas craft and i'm pretty sure evan "accidentally" threw away my floral wire. with which i was going to make a star. i have literally turned my house upside down looking for it and i know once i go buy some more, there it will be...just right on the floor where i last saw it. where it was most definitely not 2 minutes ago, i can tell you that right now.

i need a break. a re-group sesh. some me time. i need some serious, serious larissa-alone time. and i need a change. some big, crazy and wonderful change.

and i could use some serious x's and o's from my babies.

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  1. We will make husband time happen. You know why? There is absolutely nothing in the world better than wife time soo...that works out for both of us.

  2. ^^ your husband is so sweet!

    I hope you feel better soon. Just imagine you are at disneyland with me :)

  3. at least you are honest! we all feel that way sometimes!
    make date night a PRIORITY along with time alone and ask God to show you what needs to change! then just DO IT ;) praying he will do big things

  4. Beautiful girl, I know how you feel. It is so easy to lash out when you are feeling so stressed.
    I hope things cool down soon and that you get those pesky suckers marked off your list.
    Having huge to do lists with very little time is always so frustrating. I can not wait to start marking things off mine.

    And no husband time is the worst! I'm in the same boat. We see each other about... an hour a week right now. Not ok.

    Everything is only for a season though, right? Some day Ill look back on this season and smile at the good parts of it. :]

    Hope you are having a good weekend lady!