Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a little instagram magic

excuse my whiny baby post from earlier. i vented it out and now i'm all better obviously.

mostly what did the trick was plastering my instagrams all over my walls.

why yes, those are my neon green walls. i'm kind of in love with them.

oh, and sorry about that horrible lighting. that's what happens when you don't have a light in your livingroom (what the heck? so obnox.) and your lamp shade is all sorts of jacked up for some cheap-target-clearance-rack-reason and it's snowing outside. all those things combined make for horrible lighting in a picture.

and the best part? i don't have to ever ever ever deal with obnoxious frames that refuse to hang on the nail. (do you know what i'm talking about? like how frames have that little triangle hook thingy [technical term] that is supposed to hang on the nail but every time you hold the frame and careeeefullyyy, slowwwwly slide it down the wall to catch the nail it just falls down and it takes probably, ohhh i'd say approximately 45 tries to get it to stay up so you can just hang the stupid thing. then it's crooked and when you go to adjust just a smidge it falls off again.) but look! no nails! only cute baby clothes pins and pretty hemp twine.


have you tried mashed cauliflower yet? or i am the very last person to jump on this bandwagon? dare i say that i might like this more than mashed potatoes? let me rephrase. we don't have any regular milk (almond vanilla!) so i just steamed some cauli, added some buttah, S&P and ye-yum. so...when i get some regular milk, and actually mash these babies up (not just smush them-kinda-with a fork) i'll let you know. but for now, i could eat this 50 times a day (buhbye, taco bell, you've met your match!)

8 loves:

  1. Your project turned out amazing beautiful. Seriously. I give you full reign over the entire house...except the man cave. Because that is mine and it can be ugly all it wants. Amen.

  2. I love the instagram pics! you displayed them well.

    And I believe that I am the last person to jump on the cauliflower bandwagon. I haven't tried it yet. Sounds kind of nasty...but you make a convincing argument! :)

  3. pretty!!! where do you print your instagram pics?! how big are they?

  4. Your instagram photos look darling & the wall colour is perfect!

    I love, love, love smashed cauliflower. Sooo good.

  5. So I'm I miss you like mad.
    I mean, I knew I did, but jumping back on blogger, it was like a slap in the face.
    Congrats on your HOUSE!!! AH!!! I can't WAIT to see more pictures!
    And the neon wall??? LOVE it!! Bold colors are the best :]
    I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season and a blast getting settled into your new place (I know it will be dashing)

  6. ok.... I so have wanted to try masshed cauliflower! I might just have to do that...

    LOVE THE GREEN walls!!

  7. I love love love love love it!! And I haven't tried mashed cauliflower yet, but I really want to!

  8. UGGGGGGGGH that is my dream. So when I buy a house & do the same thing & post photos of it, don't be mad.