Thursday, December 1, 2011

filed under: "from hell"

this week....not my week.

i'm a gift card hoarder. i am the worst at spending them. i've been holding onto this spa gift card for like 3 years probably. i had this reflexology foot massage once and it was the most relaxing, amazing time i've ever had in my whole life. so, on monday, when i spent the morning curled up in a ball under my desk (not really, but almost) i was like, "i need a massage. cashing in this gift card."

so i called. asked for the RE-FLEX-OL-O-GY foot massage. tonight i go for my massage, totally ready to be next to comatose---it's that relaxing---but no. i get some thai foot massage crap. literally, this infant girl rubbing my feet in the pedicure room. with a wooden stick. for like 15 minutes. for $40. uhhhmmmmmmmmmmno.

usually they take you into the spa where it's all dark and cozy and you strip down and put on the most amazing baby lamby robe and then they soothe you with good smells and pretty fish and licorice tea. and instead, she took me into this bright room with a million (okay, 4, same thing.) other people and soaked my feet for literally.......30 seconds. and i was wearing boots and leggings because i was all ready to be relaxed out of my mind and be so, so, so comfortable. and the girl looks at me like i'm a lunatic. well, duh. i practically had to strip down in front of these million (4, again, sorry. but still the same thing) other people so she could "rub my feet" and i didn't even get a stupid robe. and i did have a glass of tea but i didn't refill it because hello, you don't need tea when you're comatose and slash laying on a bed. 

1. not relaxing.
2. not impressed.

this week's only redeeming quality? tomorrow is friday AND our furniture comes on saturday. AND i just bought some nail polish because i needed some retail therapy after this week slash that.

defffffinitely not how i wanted to start my december. but on the brighter side, i'm making the coolest Christmas crafts right now. and we'll just pretend that today was november 31st and december can start itself over, the correct way, tomorrow.

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  1. UGH! Lame!
    Hope that the rest of December is much better for you!
    YAY for new furniture!

  2. NOOOO way! That stinks! I would ask for a refund and say that's not what you paid for.. Too late though huh? Boo! But now I really want one of these coma-inducing foot massages! Sounds great!!! Well.. the one from your first experience.. not the last one :-/

    Janette, the Jongleur

  3. @janette, I called today and just told them that wasn't what I asked for...wasn't enjoyable...and wasn't worth the 40$$. The girl was so so so nice and I really hate complaining. So I felt bad but she was super nice about it and I not only get a refund but I also get a free 30 min reflex massage. I would have been ok with either but seriously so nice.

  4. That is awful! I would have complained, especially if you received better service before.

  5. i've had so many similar experiences. it's the worst to loofa forward to something, to have expectation and then be so utterly disappointed! fingers crossed that your week gets better!