Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my spot.

17 part six

i would like to proudly announce that i have finally learned how to shoot in manual mode. after approximately a 5 second lesson in ethiopia. and um.....i am obsessed. i hardly did any editing on these photos besides a little vignette to smooth out the edges. 

also, the sunset was made for me tonight. minus that the sun was shining so bright because those clouds were packed full of s-n-o-w.  so......

i think trees without leave might be my new favorite thing. winter may be my least favorite but at least it makes for some beautiful pictures. and freezing hands. plusalso, the wind was blowing and i was wearing a dress....which is not a good combo turns out.

but seriously, my state is the prettiest.

6 loves:

  1. YOU are the prettiest. Also, I must say you are starting to really get that manual mode down. So talented in everything that you do. Remember when I said that you are amazing. Please keep proving me right. Love you beautiful.

  2. WAY to go!!!! I am a huge proponent of shooting in manual. :) YOur pictures are LOVELY!!!

  3. YAYYY! Manual is so fun! My husband taught me to use our camera in manual first and I'm so grateful!

  4. Facts facts and facts in this post. <3 Plus AMAZING pictures! The last one is my favorite. And yeah, I love being on the rims...beautiful.

  5. the second shot in particular is stunning!