Thursday, November 24, 2011


This year I am incredibly thankful for so many things. But in light of my past few days, I want to give thanks for my amazing family and their selflessness.

For parents who spent their entire evening moving my stage 4 hurricane home.  Junk wasn’t even in boxes, people.  And my parents scooped it up, loaded it into all our cars and trucked it across town.  In the dark.  In the snow.  On a weekday. 

For in-laws who spent their entire weekend painting my new home. Who skipped watching a football game, and graciously listened to it on the radio, to finish the painting.  Who only planned to spend a few hours finishing up the following day, but ended up attempting to unclog my drain and spent an unexpected entire day cleaning/drain fixing/painting.

For husbands who are all about the little things.  Like roses and hand written notes.  Like letting me have the first shower.  Like making the bed while I’m in the shower because that’s my least favorite chore. Like remembering my favorite foods at all our restaurants and surprising me with dinner unexpectedly. Like always holding the door for me. Like remembering little things I mention and bringing them to fruition when I least expect it.

I’m so thankful for this beautiful life I’ve been given. I hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope you settle in smoothly from here on!
    Be blessed!!

  2. You're so blessed to have two awesome sets of parents that will do anything for you. <3 It makes me so happy for you! And I just have to say "awwwwww" at the paragraph about Evan. =]