Tuesday, November 29, 2011

quiet time

i know i've been ultra quiet lately.....but we're moving, painting, organizing, and we just didn't have internet. BUT TODAY WE GOT IT! except we booted qwest/century link whatever the hell that junk was. and we got optimum which is supposed to be all better and amazing and faster and evan was on hold for TWENTY FIVE minutes yesterday. so....if our internet is anything like their hold process, i will not be a happy camper.

i've been ultra stressed lately and i'm attributing that to moving and settling in. i swear, i need a profesh organizer to come situate our junk. i just don't have the time.

our bedroom is finished minus i need to make some curtains and a bed skirt and hang my art and buy a matching duvet cover. so......if you can call that finished.

everything else...not so much.

i had a not-so-mini break down yesterday over life and such and today i think i'm okay. i vented it out had some of nature's comfort food (mashed potatoes) and some grape koolaide because i'm eating lunch at my parent's house and they're from the 90's.

 and i took this picture this morning of the prettiest sunrise from my gigantic living room window. as you can see, there is nothing to block my view. just a park and some trees, and if you ask me, those add to the view quite nicely.

so far, i'm loving my new house. i started an art project last night and dreamt up another for my craft room and i cannot wait to knock them both out and wow your socks off with my creativity.

and when i finally charge up my camera, test out my new internet and get home from the j-o-b i'll maybe share some photos of our progress thus far.

i hope everyone is having a far-less stressful week than i am. <3

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  1. Yuck....moving is ALWAYS stressful... i have had 5 of those yuck experiences in my life and they were moves of many miles...but what I see in your new home - i like.... enjoy the view and can't wait to see more...
    love ya