Saturday, October 1, 2011

week of thanks, week thirty eight

354. Wise words from mother-in-laws: "God not only opens doors, but he shuts doors when the time isn't right, as well." Could that be any more true in our situation?

355. Good talks with husbands over tacos. Shrimp tacos, specifically.

356. Husbands who have their heads screwed on tight and can keep their wives grounded. I'm a little lofty sometimes.

357. Being less than two weeks away from Ethiopia number 3. I'm so excited I could pee.

358. Finding a new blog, fellow ET lover, fellow adopter, who told me the meaning of "tesfa" in amharic. It's hope. Which, hihello. God speaks.

359. Time with the parents. Tons of laughs. "When I was a kid....oh I like how everyone stops talking when I start a story like that. Ya'll are like 'oh boy. she was crazy. this is gonna be a good one.'" I adore my family.

360. Saturday's off with my husband. Oh how I love.

361. Group prayer. Strength in numbers. Have I mentioned that I AM SO EXCITED FOR ETHIOPIA? I AM SO EXCITED THAT I'M SCREAMING.

362. Ethiopia.

364. Holes in jeans in awkward places... (It started out as a baby hold like an inch from my zipper. like to the left of my zipper. weird, right? i think it got caught in the washer. so i wore them to work. i had a long shirt on..... and then every time i got up, sat down, walked, bent over, etc, i heard it rip, and rip, and rip a little more until hihello that's my entire leg. don't mind me as i walk around with my hands in front of my crotch all day. i'm so profesh.)...resulting in 4 new pairs of jeans for $54. (plus a shirt.) brand new consignment? 4 pairs gap jeans, all with orig ($70) tags? i can control my OCD for this awesomeness.

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  1. This was the best week yet!! Everything is so exciting! Love the adjective lofty. <3