Sunday, October 2, 2011

instagram ettiquette

i know i really have no clout to write this. and evan says, "when are you going to learn that people are rude, and no one cares?" but i want to know when people are going to realize there are 6 billion other people in this world BESIDES them? and this more applies to smoking in public places, littering, and driving like you're blind and in nascar. but mostly, this applies to anywhere you are in interaction with people. let's all be kind, let's not make this a popularity contest, and let's just have a good time? shall we?

1. be nice. i mean, i even need to bring that up? don't tell someone, "if i see one more comment saying, 'you're beautiful,' i'm going to puke." woah. unnecessary roughness, strike, you're out. if you're jealous, buhbye. no one wants your attitude and your rudeness in this space.

2. for pete's sake, people. STOP with the "everyone check out my pictures and follow! i follow back!!!" this is not a popularity contest and i will follow you if i like your pictures. if you have to ask beg for followers, how far do you think you're going to get?

3. this. is. not. a. popularity. contest.

4. if your caption is only hashtags, and it is longer than your picture, and you hashtag everything in your picture, see above. "#brown, #sky, #green, #baby, #igers, #iphonography, #ifollowback, #followme, #ihave9148012983likesonthispicture, #spring, #sunday, #everything in the world, #everything else in the world, #etc, #etc, #etc. just don't. this is not a popularity contest and have you looked at those hashtags lately? you posted your picture 5 seconds ago and there are already 900 new pictures on there. good luck.

     a) Funny hashtags, popular hashtags, every once and a while hashtags are a. okay. you go. you #flash back that friday. you #no filter that picture you awesome photog.

5. no one wants to see your half naked body, your drug paraphernalia, your empties.

6. take your own pictures. don't post pictures of "cute" sayings (because no. not cute, and not even a picture), random pictures you found online of shoes and clothes and animals that are clearly not your own, pictures of how many times so and so liked your pictures, and how many times you made it to the popular page.

7. to the people who are trying to follow as many people as humanly possible, why?! that is a goal in your life? this is a picture community. this is not a i-follow-so-many-people-it's-not-even-a-real-number-anymore community.

8. you're 13?! why, oh why, do you have an iphone? unnecessary.

i could care less if i have a million trillion followers. this is a place for me to document my life with my family and i am the least annoying person in the world. (kidding.)

soapbox, over.

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  1. Yay! We have the same exact instagram pet peeves! ESPECIALLY the hash tag and popular sayings thing. It's just a cry for attention if you ask me.

    I am kind of an instagram snob, I unfollow people if they post something that annoys me. Lately I've been editing who I follow, and it's really made instagram more enjoyable.

  2. Yay, Colby! So glad someone agrees. =]

  3. someone actually said that to you in #1?? I know I shouldn't get butt hurt when people leave mean comments because I don't even know them, but sometimes I take it way too personally and get upset. So i know how you feel girl. They DO need to consider other people.

    And also, how mad would you be if I did all these things just to bug you?? :P hahah love you!

  4. @Katie you're the best. I let my friends do what they want and it doesn't bother me because I like them and they mean well. As long as you're not some slutty slut slut 13 year old. And no, some rude girl said that beautiful/barf comment to a "famous" person. She responded very well and her followers stood up for her. But whyyy is that necessary? Just. Be. Nice. Xoxoxo

  5. I hateee when people are mean! It's the worst worst, along with the "follow me I follow back blah blahblah!!" ew. Very well put post. <3

  6. I agree with you completely!! And besides .. if you are following a trillion people how are you really getting to look at everyone's pictures... I just want to share pics with my friends!! Glad you wrote this it made me smile BIG Time

  7. I think all of these things on a daily basis. You totally got this, Larissa! It makes me wonder if some of those people have a life. I don't really have time to hash tag it up and ask every person to follow me. I really wonder how they find the hours in the day! LOL

  8. BAHAHAHHAHAHA! You made me laugh... TOOOOOTALLY true.. Amen and amen! I agree with everything.. Also.. I must reread the list to make sure I didn't miss out on anything..but I can't stand when people overwhelm my feed with 25 pictures of the same tree in a different angle..Do you know what I'm talking about?? Or just overwhelm the feed in general.. Sometimes I do that, I know, but at least I'm aware of it and try not to do it so

    Janette, the Jongleur



    Just wanted to be annoying..

  10. funny! I'm so glad someone isn't afraid to post about the ridiculousness that is humanity these days... thanks for the laugh!

    oh, by the way, my name is larissa too :)

  11. etiquette is something that is severely lacking.