Monday, October 3, 2011


1. i still make evan burp me. unless i'm drinking diet soda, i cannot burp myself.

2. i am from montana and i am the only person here who calls it soda.

3. i am also the only person who eats cup of noodles with a spoon. all of ya'll who eat it with forks? you're weird.

4. i used to have a place where i put people i didn't like. i called it "the hole." when someone pissed me off, i'd put them in the hole. i just read my listography about it and laughed out loud. i can't believe i forgot about the hole. sooo many people would be in it right now.

5. my love language is quality time and slash affirmation. evan patrick are you reading that?!

6. when i had my wisdom teeth pulled, i woke up. i remember they were finishing up, but he was totally still working in my mouth, and i tried to get up. i literally tried to push myself out of the chair and go. they had to push me down and re-sedate me. i learned about this phenom at work, it's called "anesthesia awareness" and it's a big deal. like medical malpractice big deal. i wish 16-year-old Larissa had known about that! (kidding. i've been sued. not fun.)

7. let's throw that in here, shall we? i was sued once. yep. 23-years-old and i've already been sued. it's a funny story actually. i got a flat tire on the highway in a snow storm, this guy ran into me, and then a girl ran into him. so he sued both of us for damage to his car (even though, hello, i was pulled over and had my flashies on) and then she sued both of us because her laptop was on the dash and it fell off and broke. i swear, some people need a swift kick. fyi-it settled out of court and i now work for the firm and with the lawyer that represented me. how hilar is that?

8. i absolutely loathe the sound of hearing noises through walls. especially, but not limited to car doors shutting, cabinet doors being slammed (because the other side of one of my walls has cabinets and people slam them all day every day), car horns, voices, music, etc.  basically, i hate any muted sound through walls.

9. i'm passive aggressive. yeah, i said it. everyone hates passive aggressive people but we hate confrontation. so don't.

10. i want to be a boy for just one day.

11. i hate spiders more than anything in the whole entire world. like, i would probably rather give a 25 minute impromptu speech than even look at, or heaven forbid, touch, a spider. and when i was in the philippines, i grabbed a shirt and put my hand right on the shirt's pet tarantula. i died.

12. i love my cheek bones, like the ones on my face. bahahaha
anyway. i touch them all the time, and evan will always say to me, "admiring your own cheek bones again, aren't you?" yup.

13. i've been to 5 continents, 8 countries (not including just airports), and swam in 4 oceans.

14. once my dad shot a pregnant elk and it had an albino baby. i was like 5, back when i was a fearless child and things like that didn't gross me out. but maybe all unborn elk babies are albino.

15. i carried the olympic torch for the winter olympics of like 2002. i was in 8th grade and awesome.

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  1. Okay. I'm so jealous....I totally want to carry an olympic torch. ;)

    Loved reading your list. I can't believe you woke up during your wisdom teeth pulling. EEEEK! That is like my worst fear ever.

  2. Can you explain the thing with the shirt and tarantula? I was confused...

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. That's soo cool that you carried the Olympic torch!!

  3. I call it soda. I HATE when people say pop. It's just one of those words that get me.

    Also, the suing situation: ridiculous. My brother got sued once. He rear-ended a crazy old lady who slammed on her breaks in the middle of 24th so as to not run over a plastic bag that happened to be blowing across the street. What is wrong with people?

    Aannnnnddddd, I miss you.

    That is all.

  4. I call it POP because it IS pop. =] And I eat my cup of noodles with a fork so just back up, Larissa. hahaha. I love your cheek bones too! They're so pretty and modelesque! I miss the hole! I should pop on listography and reminisce on both of our pages. I actually should delete all my shitty lists about evan and start fresh! Have you seen the movie Awake? SCARY! I can't believe you woke up during surgery! I also want to be a boy for a day, so let's work on that. Can we be boys on the same day and hang out and do boy things? Laughed out loud at "the shirt's pet tarantula" hahaha. And numbers 13 and 15 are SUPER impressive! I love you. This list was fun. I definitely better do one too, I mean, since everybody's doing it. =]

  5. I TOTALLY call it Soda!! I am glad someone else here in MT understands that the word POP is weird... ok...

    I loved the list! very awesome...

  6. It's called soda- end of story! >:D some people call it soda-pop. That's even weirder...
    I love your factoids though. You seem like a very down-to-earth (& funny) person. I love your blog- totally following now :D

    xo, Samantha